Seventeen Years of Red Hot Chilli Pepper !

​Red hot chilli pepper finally completes seventeen years of culinary journey. How many restaurants do actually survive for such a long time? Well, the count is rare. And, this place has managed to do so, the courtesy of which goes to their great food and service and of course their loyal patrons, who have kept visiting this place occasionally. To celebrate this huge success, red hot chilli pepper had served seventeen of their bestsellers, which have won many hearts during this period. Some of them aren’t available in the new menu, but if you ask for them, the chef will definitely prepare it for you and you will be amazed to get the same taste !

I was invited by Red hot chilli pepper to be a part of the evening when they would be serving their bestsellers. I was actually excited to be a part of this celebration. The restaurant is located on Ballygunge circular road, close to St Lawrence. The decor is quite nice and is set with respect to the authentic Chinese cuisine that they serve. The dining area is huge, divided into separate rooms. 

The seventeen bestsellers were served one after another 


Veg sweet corn soup 

Chicken Manchow soup 

I had the chicken soup instead of the veg one. The soup was loaded with chicken, egg, onions and other veggies. It came with a bowl of crispy noodles. It was served steaming hot. The soup tasted nice and was quite filling. 


American corn pepper salt

The fried corns were served in two baskets which were wantons perhaps. This was quite unique. The corns were spicy and hot. 

Crispy chilli potato

Sliced potato sticks were fried to crispness and then tossed in a spicy sauce, along with veggies. It is a good option for vegetarians.

Konjee crispy mushroom 

The surface coating was crispy, while the mushrooms were succulent and juicy. 

Chicken lat me kai 

The chicken pieces were crispy. However, they were somewhat dry.

Pan fried chilli fish

The fish was well cooked and tasted great. The fish was soft and juicy. The sauce in which the fish was tossed was quite spicy. This turned out to be my personal favourite among the starters.


Ginger capsicum fried rice

The rice was quite nice. It was low on spices and full of flavour. The quantity that came was appreciable.

Veg Chilli garlic noodles

The noodles were spicy and tasted great. This went quite well with the sides.

Wothob pan cake

I haven’t tasted anything of this sort before. The pancake was stuffed with minced veggies and came with a spicy gravy. It was definitely a great combo. 

Stir fried chinese green and American corn

Broccoli, bok choy, American corn and other veggies were served in this dish. What was excellent about this was the juiciness of the veggies. One can have it as a salad instead of a main course side dish !

Sliced chicken in hunan style

This was very well done. The chicken was tasty and went well with the rice and noodles.

Crispy fish in chilli corn sauce 

Once again, the fish stole my heart, maybe due to my love for fish. It was excellent. The fish was tender, while the surface coating slightly crispy. 

Slice Lamb in Honey Black pepper sauce

The lamb tasted nice, cooked in a spicy gravy. 


Darsaan with vanilla ice cream

The honey tossed noodles were perfectly done. They were amazingly crispy, hot and tasted great.

Date pan cake

The pancakes were stuffed with a sweet stuffing of date. The outer surface was quite crispy. Loved this !

Overall, Red Hot Chilli Pepper did arrange for an excellent spread. The food and service were quite impressive. Each dish came in ample quantity. I would wish this place to run like this for many more years. Hope to re-visit soon !

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