Delicious Pizzas & More at Eagle Boys Pizza !

​Pizza is one of the most loved versions of Italian cuisine. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, a pizza can satiate our hunger at any point of the day. Thus, with the increasing demand for pizzas, the number of pizza corners in the city is gradually increasing. On this contrary, pizza lovers can be divided into two sects – ones who prefer thick crust pizza, available particularly in the outlets of the renowned brands Dominos and Pizza Hut, and the ones who prefer crispy thin crust pizza, available in most of the restaurant in Kolkata. Eagle Boys actually serves thick crust pizzas, but these are sure to impress the ones who prefer a thin crust, as in my case, due to the amazing softness of the bread they use and the delicious choice of toppings, all of which are sure to make you drool over it. 

Eagle Boys is an Australian pizza brand, which made its inception in Kolkata through the outlet near bypass, close to Ruby. This is only outlet of Eagle Boys in Kolkata. Previously, I had heard huge praises of this place and so, when Panchphoron was invited here for a food tasting session, I was pretty excited to visit this and try their pizzas.

The place was quite crowded on a Saturday evening. The seating space is moderate. The decor is nice and is set with the theme. As we settled ourselves, the dishes started coming one after another.

Spicy Supreme Garlic Bread

The bread was topped with cheese and finely chopped green chillies. The bread, overall, was quite niece and one can definitely have it as a starter.

Peri Peri Chicken Scroll

The dish was named quite well. It came in the form of a wrap, closed at both ends and cut equally into smaller pieces. It was stuffed with cheese, red paprika and minced Peri Peri Chicken. It tasted quite nice.

Chicken penne pasta ( white sauce )

The penne was well cooked and cooked in white cheese sauce with minced chicken, capsicum, etc. The taste was good but some more of the sauce could have elevated its flavour.

Chicken penne pasta ( red sauce )

Penne pasta was cooked with chunky chicken, red onions and capsicum in a tomato sauce. This was tangy and spicy. 

Peri Peri paneer pizza

The pizza bread, as said previously, had a thick crust but was very soft and not chewy. It was topped with peri peri paneer, red paprika, onion, capsicum, american corn and sprinkled with peri peri spices. The pizza was quite nice.

Aussies Favorite Veg Pizza

The pizza was topped with generous amount of cheese, onion, capsicum, pineapple, American corn and fresh garlic. The pizza tasted amazing and out of the world ! The pineapple was very juicy and imparted an extraordinary flavour to the whole pizza. I was literally amazed to discover that I liked this veg pizza over the non-veg ones that followed. So, this is a must try over here, irrespective of whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.

Chicken Keema Pizza

The pizza was topped with chicken keema, jalapenos, onion and capsicum. It was served hot and spicy. I loved the thick layer of cheese with the delicious toppings perfectly embedded in it.

Garlic Prawn Pizza

The pizza was topped with cheese, grilled prawns, onion, capsicum and red paprika, and sprinkled with garlic. The prawns were juicy, succulent and came in generous portion. This was very nice.

Tripple Chocolate Sweetzza 

This was a dessert pizza ! This is their signature dish. The pizza was topped with sugar and nuts, and drizzled with chocolate sauce. The pizza was very nice. Chocolate lovers must give this a try !

Overall, Eagle Boys Pizza is a relatively new and a great option for having some delectable thick crust pizzas without making a hole in the pocket. Apart from the amazing pizzas, they serve some great snacks and desserts too. I hope Eagle Boys open up more outlets in Kolkata, making the pizzas easily available to people residing all over the city.

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