Hawa Hawaii comes in town !

​The wait is over ! Hawa Hawaii is now officially open to public. The place is as quirky as the name suggests. The name, as evident, has been taken from the famous song of the blockbuster ‘Mr India’, in which ‘Mogambo khush hota hain’ and ‘Calendar khaana lata hain’. 

Located at the junction of Hungerford street and Shakespeare sarani, this place can’t be missed. Not only foodies, this place is sure to impress the tech freaks and the ones addicted to gaming, for they have a separate room where you can enjoy a 4D experience. Also, the fact that they have introduced tables which have installed Windows 10 software, is the first time in Kolkata. You can play games, view the menu, order food and surf the internet sitting in the table itself which is truly one of its kind. I loved this concept of this place. 

Apart from that, the decor is set with respect to the movie ‘Mr India’ and is quite well done. They have a bar too and are yet to get a liquor license. Panchphoron was invited here for a food tasting event. I was totally amazed with all the new concepts that they have brought in and thus have gone far beyond all other restaurants in this respect. But what about the food? Yes, they have done well in this aspect too. The food is again their plus point. They have brought into being the concept of fusion food like dal Makhani pizza, lasagna with indian gravy, etc. 

Let’s talk of the food which we were served.

Lazy runner 

The basic ingredients were pineapple juice, ginger syrup, star anise and lime juice. The proportions of the ingredients were such that the flavour of pineapple was completely subdued by the strong essence of star anise. The taste was totally different from what you may expect. It was sweet, chilled and refreshing. This definitely deserves a try !

Murg Tikka 

The chicken was marinated with spices and then grilled. I loved the way it was presented like the skewers hung from a metallic bar, instead of the same way of presenting kababs on a plate.

Dal E Khaas

The dal was served in a small steel tumbler. It was thick and delicious. 

Paneer Butter Masala

The paneer slices were cooked in a thick gravy with butter. I loved this for the gravy was sweet, rich and creamy. It went well with the rice and breads. 

Chicken tikka masala

The taste was amazing. It was spicy, infact very spicy. I somewhat liked this a lot since I had it with the sweet navratna pulao. However, the felt the chicken to be a little stiff, which could otherwise had been much soft.

Navratna pulao 

The pulao was served in a handi. What makes this my favourite among the lot is its amazing and unique taste. It was loaded with pineapple and other dry fruits giving it a sweet flavour which went perfectly with the spicy chicken tikka masala.

Chocolate mousse

The mousse was served in a martini glass with a dollop of cream as topping. The mousse was rich and dense in texture. It tasted excellent as well. Chocolate lovers are bound to love this. 

Overall, Hawa Hawaii is a package of entertainment that would not only give you good food and service, but memories. As suggested by the chef, I found Tandoor to be their speciality as every dish from that category turned out to be excellent. This new venture is sure to gain a huge success within the coming days ! Looking forward to my next visit at this place.

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