Healthy Breakfast At Eat Good Food !

Eat Good Food is certainly the pioneer of the health food cafes that are coming up in the city. It is the brainchild of the famous nutritionist, Hena Nafis. Building a modern cafe themed restaurant and still holding the claim of serving healthy food wasn’t easy for Hena. She took up the challenge and today Eat Good Food is the most successful health food joint in the city.


I was invited here for a bloggers meet to try a specially curated a breakfast menu comprising of nutritious yet scrumptious food. Firstly I’d talk of the amazing decor. The entire cafe has a typical Western theme, quite different from the genre of cafes which Kolkata has. The entire place is divided into five sections, each with a different decor and seating arrangement. The cafe offers plenty of options for all the health conscious foodies using various recipes from international cuisines and adding a healthy twist. These cuisines are divided into 3 categories, namely ‘low calorie’, ‘sugar balance’ and ‘high protein’ which caters to each customer’s needs respectively.


We started our healthy breakfast with a beautiful bowl of Banana with Amaranth Muesli. The presentation was of top notch. The Amaranth Muesli was mixed with yoghurt and sliced bananas. It was rich and creamy. I had never wanted to try muesli before but this dish was somewhat addictive and I almost finished the whole bowl !

For egg lovers, there were Egg Roll, Skinny Omlette and Egg Pizza. If you’re too bored of the normal pizza, try the Egg Pizza at Eat Good Food. The normal pizza base was replaced by an omlette, topped with feta, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes and mint. It was amazing. The Egg Roll had a rolled omlette stuffed with bell peppers. It was quite juicy. The Skinny Omlette seemed innovative. It was made using the egg white. It tasted great with the in house baked breads, served to us !

Among sandwiches, we tried out Hummus and Grilled Veggie Sandwich and Roast Chicken Sandwich. Whole wheat ciabatta bread was chosen for this purpose. Somehow, I loved the veg sandwich more than the chicken one.


The breakfast session ended with dessert which had Classic Pancakes with Berry Compote and Chocolate Pancakes. I tried the Chocolate Pancakes and they tasted brilliant. The pancakes were soft and fluffy. They were topped with chocolate sauce and choco chips.

Overall, the ones looking for a healthy breakfast must come down to Eat Good Food. This breakfast menu will be available every morning. Eat Good Food caters to provide good food and great taste keeping in mind the brand ethos of healthy food. This place makes a convergence of natural and healthy ingredients to give a nutritious, hearty and happy meal to customers. It suits all those who want to take a step toward a guilt-free and healthier lifestyle.

Where:  Eat Good Food

19, Tarak Dutta Rd, Lower Range, Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700017 ( near Bata, opposite Quest Mall )

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