Winter Menu Launch at Gabbar’s !

Gabbar’s Bar & Kitchen has been the pioneer in introducing the concept of Molecular Gastronomy in Calcutta. With a quirky decor and graffiti on the walls, resembling scenes and dialogues from the movie Sholay, this place is a great option to dine with your family and friends. I was recently here to try the new Winter Special Menu launched by Gabbars. The menu mostly includes dishes which are grilled over tandoor, along with some innovative drinks and desserts.



Robert and Bhalla – This is a green apple drink, flavoured with lavender and cinnamon and served in a goblet ! The flavour of green apple was indeed refreshing.


Aam Berry – This is undoubtedly the best drink in the drinks section. Mango and strawberry were blended to bring out a sweet and tangy flavour.


Imli-Rita – This was a tamarind flavoured margarita served in a chilly and salt rimmed glass. This was a beautiful tangy and spicy drink.

Shaitani Sherbat – Red wine was brewed in house with star anise, cinnamon and clove. This was served warm and went well with the tandoori dishes served next !



Kya Cheese, Cut Piece – I completely fell for the potatoes ! The baby potatoes were marinated with yoghurt and stuffed with cheese and jalapeno. The potatoes were well grilled and they melted in my mouth, erupting cheese which was sinfully good !


Amritsari Chakri Tikka – Paneer slices were cut in pinwheel style and stuffed with spices. The paneer tasted great.


Murgh Tikka Mumtaz – Chicken pieces were marinated with spices and grilled over tandoor. I loved the soft and juicy texture of the chicken.


Tandoori Pomfret – I believe this is something you can’t miss ! The pomfret was perfectly grilled such that the fish was extremely soft and could easily be separated from the small bones.


Bhatakti Bhetki – Whole Bhetki was stuffed with spices and grilled. The stuffing was delicious and overall, this was a great dish.

Main Course

As mentioned before, the winter menu is more focussed in the grills and hence doesn’t have much main course options. Even I was too full with the delicious starters. I chose to try two of the main course dishes.


Shakal ki Shaan – This was my favourite winter food. Sarson da Saag was served in fondue pot with nachos styles makki di roti. The saag tasted good and went well with the rotis.


Bajro No Rotlo – This is a Gujarati delicacy where millet rotis were served with a beautiful Gujarati kadhi, baingan ka bharta, garlic chutney and jaggery. This is a wonderful combo for the winter season.


I loved the unique and amazing desserts.


Meri Berry Ke Ber – This was Strawberry Pie served with Vanilla Ice Cream. The pie was well presented in a broken plate and looked great. It was well baked and the strawberry filling tasted heavenly !


Gogo Goes Gaga – This was a chocolate cookie pizza topped with chocolate, nougat and fresh strawberries and drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was simply out of the world. The cookie pizza was thin and crunchy. The topping of chocolate and fresh strawberries was irresistible !

Overall, Gabbars has a beautiful and a very well planned menu for you this winter. Enjoying the delicious kebabs with a glass of mulled wine can be the best way to chill this winter and Gabbars is all set to give you this wonderful experience. I totally loved the new winter menu and I guess even you would love it as well !



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