Delicious Healthy Food at D-Talks Adda !

How many of you consider healthy food to be tasteless? I know, most of you consider this to be true. Infact, I myself had a similar notion which got completely shattered during my recent visit at D-Talks Adda. This is a beautiful sports themed restaurant in Salt Lake whose expertise lies in preparing healthy yet delicious food.


I was invited here for a food tasting session, specially to try the new menu which is going to be launched soon. The place has been beautifully decorated with different types of seating arrangements. One can engage into several games and activities, and also into reading books. The graffiti on the wall adds to the charm of the place.

I’ve been to quite a few healthy food based restaurants and what I’ve hated the most is their drinks. Mostly those are tasteless, bland and awful. So, I wasn’t confident to try the mocktails which were served here. But I was quite amazed to notice that the presentation was pretty good. I started with Surya Namaskar which was a beautiful blend of pineapple and watermelon. Being a health drink, this didn’t deprive me from the sweetness I desire in a mocktail. The drink was sweetened using Stevia, which is a natural sweetener with zero calories, and the usage of sugar was strictly avoided. This was followed by Antioxidant Boost, which was prepared using drumstick leaves, the role of which is to detoxify our body. This was flavoured using mint and lime to give a wonderful tangy taste. The Banana Milk Shake and Iced Mochaccino were good as well, where once again stevia was used. Thus, even health conscious people can give these a try without worrying about the calorie intake.

The soups were as amazing as the drinks. My favourite was the Mushroom Soup. It was rich and consistent. It was tangy and slightly spicy as well. The Veg Clear Soup had juicy veggies in a clear broth. It tasted subtle and aromatic. The soups were served in a cup instead of a bowl. So you can have it with a spoon or sip it directly from the cup.

The Chocolate Pizza, which came next, looked stunning. The base was prepared using whole wheat. Two slices were sandwiched with a layer of molten chocolate in between. The topping was done using feta cheese, which has the lowest amount of calories among all variants of cheese. Finally a caramel cage was placed on top, which displayed the effort and beauty in the artwork ! The pizza was delicious, with chocolate oozing out of it.

The next appetizers were Crispy Chilli Babycorn and Paneer Amritsari. Firstly, these were air fried with very little usage of oil. And secondly, ajinamoto was not used in any of these preparations. The babycorn was light, crispy and slightly sweet. The panner was crispy and well fried. I particularly loved the mint and mustard sauce, which complemented it really well.

Moving on to the main course, the Laccha Paratha and Masala Kulcha were perfectly done. The kulcha was stuffed with carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, etc and tasted delicious. The breads were accompanied with Kashmiri Rajma and Paneer Pasanda. Needless to say, both the dishes tasted beautiful and the preparations were distinctly different from one another. The Veg Pulao was sweet, and the sides went perfectly with it.

I was too full for the desserts but they had some amazing options to offer, which looked delectable. The Fruit Ice Creams were home made and tasted brilliant. They were sweetened with stevia and the sweetness was parallel to any other fruit ice cream available in the market. You won’t regret having a healthy ice cream. The Apple Crepe tasted heavenly with juicy apple chunks. These gave a wonderful end to an amazing meal.

Overall, D-Talks Adda is one such place that will help you restore your faith in healthy food. There is ample space for you to relax and chill with some delicious food. Moreover you can order anything and still not worry about your health. The owners have made a lot of research and then have come up with this place, which is way ahead of all other such restaurants in the city in almost all aspects. So if you’re looking for some healthy food, give D-Talks Adda a visit soon.

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