Authentic Japanese at the Japanese Garden !

Fuji has its brand new outlet in the beautiful Japanese Garden at Eco Park. Well, a Japanese Garden in Calcutta is definitely a remarkable tourist destination for all of us. And, Fuji is all set to welcome the visitors of the Japanese Garden with authentic Japanese food. The Japanese Garden is huge, well planned and presents a wonderful picturesque. There’s a huge statue of Buddha at the entrance. The buildings are designed with similarly to Japanese style of architecture. The entire garden is full of beautiful flowers, giving enough scope for one to be lost in the beauty of this Japanese Garden. The restaurant is located at a short distance from the main gate. The indoor seating is limited while the outdoor seating is phenomenal and presents a beautiful view of the entire Japanese Garden. It’s difficult to imagine that such a place is actually in Calcutta !



I was excited to be a part of the bloggers meet organised here. It was long since I was craving to visit both the Japanese Garden as well as Fuji. Inside Eco Park, the garden isn’t very tough to locate. Gate 1 will be the nearest gate to reach this place. The roof of the magnificent Japanese Temple is visible from a distance, so you can simply take a short walk from Gate 1, following the route.


I tried few of the authentic Japanese dishes they serve, and I must say that each of them was equally amazing. I started with Prawn Tempura Maki Sushi. I’m already a fan of the sushis at their previous outlet. So, I was really eager to check if they’ve maintained the same consistency and taste. And yes ! The sushis tasted as brilliant as they did previously. The sushis are quite large in size, with the generous stuffing of Prawn Tempura. The prawn was succulent and juicy. The sushi overall was comparatively more filling, than what appeared from the portion size.


Moving on, the next appetizer was Fish Kushiage. This was the dish which stole the show. Bhetki was placed on skewers and crumb fried. The fish was fresh and extremely soft. The outer covering was super crispy and well complemented the delicate stuffing inside. It was served with a spicy Schezwan sauce which added more flavour to this starter.

Main Course

The main course included Tori Yakimeshi and Tori Teriyaki. Tori Yakimeshi is Japanese Sticky Rice tossed with veggies, egg and chicken. The portion size is perfect for two adults. This was my first experience with sticky rice and it was amazing. The rice had a beautiful flavour and was loaded with meat. Tori Teriyaki was Chicken Teriyaki, which had strips of chicken tossed in Teriyaki sauce and topped with sesame seeds. The chicken was well fried. The Teriyaki sauce went beautifully with the sticky rice. The combo of both tasted heavenly.



The dessert option was quite interesting. Green Tea Ice Cream was something which sounded weird, but tasted good. The ice cream had a beautiful flavour of green tea along with crushed green tea leaves embedded within the ice cream. This is a quirky flavour, which everyone must give a try !

Overall, my experience at Fuji was amazing. The food here impressed me much more than it did when I had it at their previous outlet. The beautiful surroundings, the serenity of the place and the authenticity of the food create a brilliant magic, and add a charm to the overall dining experience.


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