Neapolitan Pizzas And More At Fabbrica Della Pizza !

Pizza lovers in Calcutta have got a new place to visit, which boasts of authentic Neapolitan style pizzas. Well, I’m talking about none other than Fabbrica Della Pizza. It is located on Allenby Road, close to Forum Mall. I was invited here by First Idea PR for a bloggers meet.

The place is well decorated. The ground floor has the kitchen and a few seats, which give an excellent view of the road. The mezzanine floor houses the actual dining area, which is good enough to accomodate close to 20-25 people at a time. The beautifully designed walls and the ceiling covered with vines, present a unique decor for the diners.


The menu is quite huge and detailed, not just restricted to pizzas. It was a hot summer afternoon and a mocktail was quite a necessity. Fab Limonata, which contained starwberry and orange juice, along with a hint of basil, served the purpose. It was chilled, flavourful and very refreshing.

We further went for the special Italian Milkshakes. I tried two flavours – Classic Tiramisu and Cookies and Cream, where the latter was my favourite. The milkshakes were extremely rich, being the perfect milkshakes I’ve had since a long time. The flavours were on spot. The Tiramisu shake had a beautiful flavour of coffee while the Cookies and Cream had crushed cookies mixed well in the shake.

Next, we had the appetizers on our table. The first one was Calamari Fritto Misto, which had deep fried calamari rings served in a bucket in the backseat of a mini bicycle. It was served with a garlic caper sauce. The rings were crispy and well fried. The second one was Pollo Piadina, which had grilled chicken, rucola, caramelised onions, marinated tomatoes and creamy pesto wrapped in a flat bread. The wrap tasted out of the world. The stuffing was tangy and extremely juicy, with a special mention to the succulent chicken chunks.


The pizza was what I was eagerly waiting for. I tried Pollo Piccante, which had fresh pesto, mozzarella, roast chicken, jalapenos, caramelised onions and feta. The pizza had an extremely soft crust and was very cheesy. It turned out to be much better than I had expected.


The Spaghetti bowl containing Spaghetti in Parmesan Crema with fried bacon was an absolute delight. The spaghetti was well boiled and the sauce tasted amazing. The bacon was well fried. This is something I would definitely recommend to everyone.

For desserts, I tried a lot of variants. The Affoggato, which is vanilla ice cream served with a shot of Espresso, tasted good. I loved the Budino, which had Vanilla Cafe Cream, Caramel and Dark Chocolate Cream arranged in layers. This was my favourite among the desserts. The Pizza Al Nutella, which was recommended by the staff, turned out to be excellent. Pizza was smeared with Nutella and topped with crushed roasted almonds. The dough could have been a little soft, but the nutella made it a sinful affair.

Overall, Fabbrica Della Pizza is a must visit place for every pizza lover. They have a large number of pizzas and it’s tough to make a choice. Not only Neapolitan Pizzas, this place also has some great pastas, starters and desserts. I loved the milkshakes as well. I’m coming here soon to try the other amazing pizzas on the menu.


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