Dine While You Fly at Fly Kouzina !

Being a hardcore non vegetarian, I hardly give pure vegetarian restaurants a visit. But one such restaurant which recently changed my conception and bowled me over with its food was none other than Fly Kouzina. I was invited here for a food tasting session. So let me take you on a journey, narrating my overall experience at this place.

Fly Kouzina is an aircraft themed multi cuisine restaurant in the heart of Salt Lake. It can be considered as one of the best themed restaurants in the city from the first look of this place. The interiors are beautifully done. The first section is a lounge, which is mostly for groups and gatherings. The second section perfectly resembles an aircraft. The seating has been well planned. The waiters are dressed as crew members. Even windows have been constructed with LED screens, which show actual scenes viewed from the window of an aeroplane. This place is the best example of a themed casual dining restaurant.

I was accompanied by my fellow blogger, Nilanjana. We were greeted with utmost hospitality by the owners and the PR. On our arrival, we were given boarding passes containing our name and numbers, along with the seat number, thereby giving the actual flight experience. These were not just normal boarding passes. The offers which are currently ongoing in the restaurant, are printed on the reverse side of the passes. The menu for our dinner was suggested by them, which included the signature dishes of Fly Kouzina, along with few of the new inclusions in their menu. The service was pretty fast, considering the crowd in the restaurant at that point of time. Let’s move on to the food and drinks that were served to us !


We tried two mocktails – Kiwi Margarita and Strawberry Margarita. My favourite was the Kiwi Margarita. It was chilled and refreshing. The sweetness was balanced and the flavour of kiwi was beautiful. The Strawberry Margarita was good as well. It was a blend of strawberry and orange juice. You can go for either of the two, depending on your choice of flavours.


Bharwan Firdosi Tandoori Aloo


The first appetizer to reach our table was the Bharwan Firdosi Tandoori Aloo. The name is tricky and so is this dish. The potatoes were stuffed with dry fruits, green chillies and spices. They were grilled in tandoor and served with a mint chutney. Potato is my favourite vegetarian item and any potato dish is always my preference. So I had huge expectations from this dish and this actually surpassed all my expectations. The potato was soft and well grilled. The stuffing was heavenly. The sweet and spicy filling tasted great with the mint chutney. Want to fall in love with potatoes again? Give this dish a try !

Broccoli Corn Dumplings

I’ve heard a lot about the Broccoli Corn Dumplings. I was eagerly looking forward to try this special dish. Six steamed dumplings were served in a basket. To be honest, I believe nothing can beat non vegetarian momos or dumplings. But these dumplings were the first to change my vision. I would recommend all my non vegetarian buddies to give this a try for at least once and I’m sure you’d regret for not doing that till now. Well, I was taken aback by the amazing dumplings. The texture was perfect, while the minced stuffing was brilliant. The medium spicy Schezwan sauce deserves an additional point for its beautiful flavour that went well with the dumplings.

Malai Paneer Tikki


After two beautiful starters, I was pretty amazed. But little did I know that a lot more surprises are on their way. The Malai Paneer Tikki which came next was Mawa stuffed cottage cheese balls. This was equally amazing as the other two. The tikki was soft and delicate, so as to melt in my mouth. The makhani sauce played a special role by imparting a beautiful flavour to the tikkis. I’m ready to skip non vegetarian kebabs if veg starters turn out to be so good !

      Main Course

Pizza Kouzina


We started our main course with the Pizza Kouzina. It was the chef’s special pizza topped with enermous amount of cheese along with paneer slices, american corn, bell peppers, onions, olives, broccoli, etc. The pizza had a thin crust yet had the consistency, which I loved. This was unlike most other places where thin crust pizzas crumble. The cheese and the toppings had their own magic, giving a beautiful flavour to the pizza. It was served with a pesto dip, which went well with the pizza.

Cannelloni Florentine


This was the next dish to reach our table. Home made pasta was baked with cottage cheese and spinach. I completely fell in love with this dish. It was extremely cheesy, yet not overpowering. There was a proper balance between the flavours. The layer of spinach was beautifully cooked. I’m personally a fan of baked pasta and this is definitely topping that list !


Date Pan Cake with Plum Sauce


With a full stomach, we moved on to their desserts. The first one was Date Pan Cake with Plum Sauce. The pancakes were stuffed with date and deep fried. They were sweet and super crispy. The pancakes were served with plum sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is a rarely found dessert which is definitely recommend.

Creme Brulee with Apple Compote


The last dessert was innovative and my favourite. It was Creme Brulee with Apple Compote. This dessert was presented in a glass, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is the speciality of Fly Kouzina and I agree to this fact since I kept running my spoon till the last portion of this dessert. It was heavenly. The apple compote containing juicy apple chunks was excellent.

Overall, I’m more than satisfied and happy with Fly Kouzina. It’s after a long time that I feel so enthusiastic while writing about a pure vegetarian restaurant. The ambience, the food, the service and the hospitality found here is unparalleled. It’s not easy to find everything in a single place and Fly Kouzina has proved to be brilliant blend of all these factors. To be frank, I haven’t come across any restaurant in Calcutta so far which has impressed me with its veg food to this extent. I’m definitely coming back and that too with my hardcore non vegetarian friends to try the other dishes on the menu !


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