New Menu Launch at Burnt Garlic !

Calcutta is coming up with new restaurants every now and then, which either have a beautiful decor or amazing food. It isn’t very common to find both simultaneously in a single restaurant. But I happened to discover one such place recently, and that’s Burnt Garlic. Burnt Garlic is a new casual dining restaurant near Desapriya Park. I was invited here for a food tasting session, which went better than my expectations.


Burnt Garlic, the name, itself is quirky. So is the ambience ! The interiors are very well done, in a colourful manner. This is indeed a cool place, specially for youngsters and people looking for a place to chill. The music is perfect to set the mood.


I tried their brand new menu, which started with their new cocktails. Mango Coconut Daiquiri was my favourite, much because it’s summer and I love mangoes. The flavour was towards the sweeter side and tasted amazing. Curry Patta Coconut Vodkatini had a unique flavour which was quite intense. Again, the Kiwi and Strawberry Mojito tasted excellent, more towards the sweeter side. More than the taste, it was the presentation that looked much more appealing. Last but not the least, a surprising inclusion in their cocktails was the Posto Bata Gondhoraj Ghol. Now, who would expect posto bata in a cocktail. It actually tasted nice but you need to gulp it down really quick.


Among the salads, the Caesar Salad had nachos topped with olives and cherry tomatoes with a honey mustard dressing. It tasted nice. The next salad was Savour It, which is their speciality. It had Iceberg lettuce and Aragula leaves topped with orange slices, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, jalapenos and sugar. It was indeed a refreshing salad and a must have in this summer.


From the soups, I tried two variants. One was the Cream of Mushroom Soup which tasted out of the world. It was one vegetarian soup, I completely fell in love with. The next soup was Broccoli and Spinach soup which tasted good.


The appetizers arrived next. Mushroom Salt and Pepper was excellent where the mushrooms were deep fried and tossed with bell peppers and onions. Fish in Thai Chilli Sauce was perfectly done, the fish being soft and delicate. The last appetizer, which turned out to be my favourite was Coriander Chicken. I couldn’t believe the taste this dish left in my mouth. This is something you should try at this place.

Pizza and Pasta

The Lamb Bolognese Pizza had a thin crust. It was cheesy and the meat was spicy. I fell in love with the pasta that came next. It was Just Prawns with Spaghetti in Coriander Sauce. The prawns were juicy and the texture of the spaghetti was perfect. The sauce was flavourful and overall it tasted brilliant.

Main Course

I was too full for the mains, but the amazing offerings created some space in my stomach. I began with Thai Fried Rice with Kung Pao Chicken. The rice had an amazing aroma. The chicken went well with the rice. Pan Seared Lemon Butter Bhetki had a subtle taste, with a special mention to the creamy mashed potato. Porchini Chicken with roasted potato and greens was medium spicy. The chicken was soft and well cooked. Surprsingly, what stood out as my favourite was the only veg dish among the main course dishes. It was Mushroom and Artichoke Crepe with Thyme Cream Sauce. The crepe was super creamy and flavourful. It’s difficult to explain its beauty unless you try this out.


The desserts were equally excellent. Blueberry Cheesecake was soft and sweet. The blueberry compote on top was perfectly done. The Caramel Cake with Hot Toffee Sauce had a beautiful flavour. The taste of toffee was present in the every layer of the cake.

Overall, being a new restaurant, I consider Burnt Garlic to be doing an excellent job. The amazing food is sure to leave a mark among everyone visiting this place. The service was pretty fast on a busy day. I’m definitely coming back to try the other dishes on their menu.


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