Calcutta Welcomes The Whistling Kettle !

The Whistling Kettle is the latest destination for all meat lovers in Calcutta. The all day English breakfast menu which has been sourced from Keventers, Darjeeling is one the main reasons why Calcutta is greeting this place with love. Besides the meat platters, this place boasts of some amazing pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and a lot more. I was recently invited here and this place exceeded all my expectations.


The Whistling Kettle is located in Golpark, close to the CCD. What I loved the most about this place is the ambience. It looks exactly like those beautiful cafes in the hilly areas. The beautiful ceiling, the walls, the seating arrangement and everything else imparts an amazing feel to the cafe. The Whistling Kettle takes you on an amazing journey to Darjeeling with its stunning vibes and sets your mood. I was lucky enough to witness a live guitar performance, which was very soothing to the mind. Prior to the dining section there’s a counter where you can purchase teas, tea sets and some beautiful kettles.

Lemon Iced Tea

I was lost in the beauty of this place when I realised that it was time to try the food. It was a summer afternoon and I wanted to try some refreshing drinks to beat the heat. I initially started with the Lemon Iced Tea. It had the hint of lemon with slight sweetness. I loved the mild flavour and the refreshment it offered. I’m ready to sacrifice my craving for aerated drinks if iced teas turn out be so refreshing ! This is definitely a must try in this summer.

During the second round of drinks, I went for a Kiwi Shake. The quantity was appreciable. The shake was thick and not watery. It was sweet, chilled and refreshing. The flavour of kiwi in the shake was rich and brilliant. I also tried the Mango Shake, which my fellow blogger had ordered and it tasted equally amazing.


I was eager to try out their meat platter but they choose to serve the pizza first. It was Fungi Pizza, where the pizza was topped with mozzarella cheese and mushrooms. The pizza slices were cut and served horizontally in a criss cross fashion, probably to avoid the normal look. I absolutely fell in love with the base of the pizza. It was neither thick and nor too thin, but was soft enough that you won’t be able to feel its presence. It was just the mushrooms and the enormous amount of cheese which I could feel in my mouth. That was a heavenly affair.

Next, I tried Lasagne Al Ferno. If you’re expecting it to be very cheesy, then you’re wrong. Well, I was surprised and taken aback by the amazing flavour of this lasagna. The minced chicken was cooked in a spicy sauce and stuffed within the pasta sheets. The flavour was interesting and it tasted out of the world. This definitely deserves a try.


Finally, it was time to try the much awaited Pork Platter. It included a fried egg, pork sausages, salami, ham and bacon. Everything on the platter tasted amazing. My favourites were the ham and the bacon. The quantity is huge and is well enough for two persons for a full meal. This platter can even satiate three provided you’re up for some snacks. You can also order each of the ingredients seperately as per your choice.


I was too full to savour the Chicken Jumbo Sandwich which came next. I somehow managed to take a bite and it tasted good. The sandwich was stuffed with minced chicken and cheese. This isn’t one among the same cheese and mayo dripping sandwiches. This tasted a lot different. The chicken had a pleasant smoky flavour. One plate consisted of four portions of the jumbo sandwich, which can easily fill up two hungry souls.


I ended my meal with the Vietnamese Coffee. In this, condensed milk and filter coffee is mixed and poured over a glass containing ice. I can definitely consider this to be the best variety of coffee available in the city. Even if you aren’t a meat lover, you should visit this place just for this Vietnamese Coffee. The coffee had a beautiful sweet flavour which pleased my taste buds. I completely fell in love with it.

Overall, The Whistling Kettle is a hidden gem. You just can’t stop visiting this place once you give it a visit. The pizza, the lasagna, the pork platter and my favourite Vietnamese Coffee made my day. The soothing ambience is perfect to chill with some food and drinks. The menu is vast and not just restricted to non vegetarians. Even vegetarians should visit this place as the menu has a lot of veg options. I will definitely visit this place sometime soon and try the other dishes on the menu, of course with my favourite Vietnamese Coffee.


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