The Great Awadhi Biryani Festival at Oudh 1590 !

Oudh 1590 was the pioneer to introduce Awadhi cuisine in Calcutta. Biryani, which is Calcutta’s favourite, got a new definition through Oudh 1590. Since its inception four years back, Oudh 1590 has been one among the very first names that come to our mind when we think of biryani. Infact I’m a huge fan of their Rann Biryani, which is their all time best seller. Apart from their normal biryanis, every year Oudh 1590 organises a biryani festival named ‘The Great Awadhi Biryani Festival‘ which is one of the much awaited and much hyped events among the foodies of Calcutta. I was invited for a bloggers meet on the occasion of this festival to try some of the special biryanis from the festival menu.


The festival has introduced twelve variants of biryani which include Awadhi Nargisi Biryani, Yakhni Gosht Biryani, Keema Biryani, Gosht Bhuna Khichdi, Murgh Pulao, Shikari Bater Purdah Biryani, Shikari Hansa Handi Biriyani, Gomti Sugandhi Mahi Pulao, Jheenga Kofta Biryani, Multani Kanthal Biryani, Awadhi Palak Biryani and Subz Yakhni Biryani. Each biryani will be served with a portion of Pineapple Raita. Some special drinks like Gulab Sherbet and Badam Sherbet have been specially introduced for this festival. I started with the Aam Panna which was tangy and very refreshing.

Gosht Bhuna Khichdi


The biryanis were to follow next. I started with the Gosht Bhuna Khichdi. Now, a Khichdi being included in a biryani festival sounds a bit odd. But it isn’t a normal Khichdi. The khichdi was cooked with mutton pieces and tasted amazing. It was oily and slightly heavy. So you shouldn’t be very health conscious if you wish to try this out. Initially, even I was hesitant to try this out but at the end, it stood out among all the biryanis.

Awadhi Nargisi Biryani


In this biryani, the egg was coated with minced mutton and fried to perfection. The rice was mild and fragrant. The mutton coating was well done. The egg tasted lovely and went well with the biryani.

Awadhi Palak Biryani


A veg biryani amidst the non vegetarian options was disheartening for me. However, I was taken aback upon trying it. The spinach was mixed throughout the biryani, imparting an unique flavour. The paneer was super creamy, such that I was full of praise for it. I can gladly suggest all my vegetarian friends to visit Oudh during the course of this festival, atleast to try this biryani.

Gomti Sugandhi Mahi Pulao


Bhetki fish was marinated with Gondhoraj lemon and cooked in rice flavoured with lemongrass. The rice was very light and flavourful. The fish tasted divine. It was so soft that it easily melted in my mouth. The Gondhoraj flavour was like cherry on the cake. It made the fish taste much more amazing. This is my second favourite after the Gosht Bhuna Khichdi.

Murgh Pulao


The chicken pulao tasted good with the soft chicken cubes coated with spices. It wasn’t oily nor light. You can definitely go for this one, if you don’t like the smell of biryani.

Gulab Sherbet

I tried the Gulab Sherbet during the course of my meal. It was fizzy and had the beautiful aroma of rose. It is probably the best accompaniment with a plate of biryani. I ended my meal with the Firni, which tasted great. The portion size was appricable as well.

Overall, I would suggest every biryani lover to visit Oudh 1590 during this festival and try out these amazing biryanis. My favorites are the Gosht Bhuna Khichdi and the Gomti Sugandhi Mahi Pulao in the non vegetarian section and the Awadhi Palak Biryani in the vegetarian section. What I loved was the fact that each biryani had its own impact and tasted totally different from the other ones.

About The Festival :

• The festival will continue till 18th June from 12pm – 3:30pm for lunch and 6:30pm – 10:30pm for dinner.

• The festival menu will be available at both the outlets.

Meal for two – INR 850 plus taxes.


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