Hawker’s Hall Menu at Mamagoto !

Mamagoto has been one of the trending places in Calcutta since its establishment in the city a few months back. The reason behind this hype is the amazing Pan Asian cuisine they serve. I’m literally a fan of the food here, ever since I tried this place for the first time post its launch. This time I’m writing about my second visit to Mamagoto, which happened through an invitation to try out the newly launched Hawkers Hall Menu.

The term might not be familiar to many of you. Well, Hawkers Hall refers to the food which is available in the streets of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Not much of this interesting cuisine is available in Calcutta. So, I was pretty excited when I came to know about this. The Hawker’s Hall Menu is quite interesting, just the way I had thought. It includes certain starters and few main course dishes. It was a hot summer afternoon when I was craving for some coolers, which I ordered from their main menu.

Kiwi and Mint Cooler was sweet and refreshing. The Watermelon Beach had a slight citrus flavour. What I loved about both the drinks were the light flavours and the balanced sweetness. I had another drink, which I loved the most. It is probably termed Blueberry Cooler. I’m always so engrossed with blueberry pastries and cheesecakes, that I realised I never had a blueberry drink before that ! It was sweet, with a beautiful flavour of blueberry and was refreshing. I would love to recommend this drink to everyone who visits Mamagoto in the upcoming days.


Rice Crackers

Just before the dishes for the Hawker’s Hall Menu were supposed to arrive, a platter of Rice Crackers was presented on the table. The rice crackers were served with a sweet soya sauce and a red chilli dip. I wasn’t really eager to savour this kind of a boring looking dish, since I was saving my appetite for the dishes that would follow next. But I happened to take a bite of one cracker, dipping it in the sweet soya sauce and it tasted amazing. I couldn’t believe that it could be so good. It’s definitely a good option to keep munching while the food arrives.

Now, let me give you a note on the dishes I had and my views on the Hawker’s Hall Menu.


Thai Puchka Bites


Being a bong, the addiction towards Puchka is probably in my blood. But, Thai Puchka? I’m not very experimental with this favourite of mine but the presentation itself tempted me to forget everything and munch on the gorgeous puchkas. The super crispy puchkas were stuffed with betel leaves, crushed peanuts, onions, red chillies, a sweet ginger sauce and a pinch of lime. It tasted out of the world ! There were six huge puchkas in a plate which I and my partner finished in just a few seconds. The flavour of betel leaf, the ginger sauce, the peanuts and everything else complemented each other so well that it can perhaps be considered as the best starter at Mamagoto.

Price – INR 219

Aubergine and Okra Medley


Aubergine and Okra tempuras were seasoned with coconut cream, peanuts, chilli and tamarind. I’m not a fan of aubergine but I liked it just because of the amazing seasoning it had. For vegetarians, this is definitely a good option to start with.

Price – INR 299

Superhot Mama Fish


I’m considering this to be a starter option keeping in mind the presentation, the quantity and the texture of the fish. Fried Fish was topped with a layer of red chilli, basil and garlic paste. The texture of the fish was amazing. The crispy outer layer followed by the delicate fish inside was a treat to the taste buds. The most important part is the spicy layer. It wasn’t very spicy for me but for some it can really be very spicy. For vegetarians, the fish can be replaced by fried silken tofu.

Price – INR 449

         Main Course


The quantity is huge and this is a complete meal for a person. Sesame rice was served with a lot of veggies and minced chicken. You need to mix the ingredients together and savour this Korean delicacy. The ingredients were absolutely fresh and juicy. The rice was sticky. It was light and flavourful.

Price – INR 499 ( vegetarian ) and INR 539 ( non vegetarian )

Mekong Boat Chicken Curry


We were almost full with whatever we had and there was hardly any space left in my stomach. But the sight of this particular dish literally made me crave for it even in that state! Peanut scented chicken curry was served along with eight small portions of rice noodle nests. The curry gave a blow to my taste buds. It was so amazing. The chicken was soft and juicy. This was like the perfect Chicken peanut curry which I had been craving for since a long time. The curry went very well with the noodle nests. It would be a sin to visit Mamagoto and leave without trying this particular dish.

Price – INR 429

Overall, the Hawker’s Hall Menu at Mamagoto has a lot to offer. My favourites were the Thai Puchka Bites and the Mekong Boat Chicken Curry, which are a must have over here. As of now, there isn’t any deadline by which this menu would get removed from the restaurant. So you can give multiple visits to Mamagoto and try all the dishes in this new interesting menu, one by one. The pricing might be on the higher side but is nothing compared to the quality, quantity and authenticy of food and the overall dining experience. I’m gladly looking forward to my next visit at Mamagoto.


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