Platters and Coolers at Santa’s Fantasea, Sector V !

Santa’s fantasea has tried to come up with something that wasn’t available anywhere in Calcutta and thus has gained huge success and fame. With their lip-smacking tribal and seafood cuisines, this place has won a lot of hearts including mine. I had been several times to the Golpark outlet and the food has always turned out to be amazing, be it Bansa Pora Mutton or Smoked Octopus. This time it was my turn to visit their newly launched outlet at Globsyn Crystals, Sec V on an invitation for a food tasting session.


The ambience here is slightly different as there aren’t two different sections like the other outlets. The first section is the tribal section, where one of the walls display an aquarium. The other section is built primilarily to occupy customers who would go for their bar, which is going to be launched soon. The tribal section is as beautiful as it is supposed to be. The paintings look realistic, specially that of the tribal man’s face which is their signature in all their outlets. The furniture is pretty decent and goes well with the ambience

Litchi Lemongrass
Spicy Girl

For a change, this time they have launched some mocktails. Yes, you get that right. The mocktails were a much needed relief from the summer heat. I tried two mocktails – Litchi Lemongrass and Spicy Girl. Each of the two had a beautiful and distinct flavour, such that it seemed difficult to choose the best among the two. The Litchi Lemongrass had a unique mix of sweet litchi and fresh lemongrass. It was sweet and refreshing. The Spicy Girl had guava juice and grapes. The glass surface was rimmed with salt and chilli powder. It was slightly sweet and spicy.

Nalli Nihari with Bakarkhani Roti

Next, we tried one of their newly launched platters. The platters have been kept only for this particular outlet to cater to the lunch crowd of the office goers of Sec V. The first platter we tried was that of Nalli Nihari served with two pieces of Bakarkhani Roti, with salad and coriander sauce. The platter is filling and economical, being priced at just INR 220. This is entirely a Kashmiri cuisine and a new inclusion to the tribal menu of Santa’s Fantasea. Nalli Nihari is the roasted leg of mutton fused with ajwain, curd and Himalayan spices. It was too good to be true. The mutton was the softest I ever had. It couldn’t have been any better. One can’t stop falling in love with just the texture of the mutton. The taste was brilliant and beyond words. It is definitely worth a try.

Moving on, the next platter I tried was Jadoh with Jhupu Pisi’s Mutton Delicacy. Jadoh is a Meghalayan delicacy where spicy red rice is mixed with soft mutton chunks. I simply loved this. The rice had the perfect proportions of spices, making a blast of flavours in my mouth. This was my favourite dish among all the tribal dishes I had. To accompany Jadoh, there were Jhupu Pisi’s Mutton Delicacy. The mutton is a mizo delicacy, cooked with mustard leaves. The mutton had a smoky flavour and tasted good. It was an amazing combination with Jadoh. This was a special platter prepared for me. The original platter contains Wild Red Rice, 4pcs Jhupu Pisi’s Mutton Delicacy and Tilhou Kheer ( Onion Kheer ). The entire platter is priced at INR 520 and is good enough for two people.

Schezwan Squid

The next dish was Schezwan Squid. It was a spicy preparation. The squid was really well cooked. It had a soft and delicate texture. It went well with the Jadoh rice.

Tilhou Kheer
Chemmeen Kheer

I finally ended my meal with two of their special desserts. The first one was Tilhour kheer. It is a Manipuri dish, having a flavour as if it had been prepared with nolen gur, but actually it has been prepared using caramelized sugar and onions. It tasted very good. The sweetness wasn’t overpowering and that made it much better. The next kheer was Chemmeen kheer. This is a Kerela dish where kheer is made of prawns ! I haven’t ever imagined that prawns can be used in a sweet dish. Well this was absolutely stunning and knocked me off. The small chopped prawn meat that reached my mouth with each spoon of kheer, was a delight to the taste buds. Santa’s fantasea needs to be appreciated for this !

Overall, I would undoubtedly recommend you to visit this latest outlet of Santa’s Fantasea or any of their outlets which seems nearby to you. One thing, which is the most important factor for any brand, is consistency and I can rate this place 10 on 10 in that aspect. I mean the same dish will taste exactly similar in each and every outlet. Additionally, the launch of platters has made this place much more economical than it used to be. They have been priced wisely. The platters are quite filling as well. Even if you’re alone, you need not worry about the sharing factor and the pocket pinch. Also, the mocktails are an additional bonus to let you chill during this summer. All you need is wait for a while till they are totally geared up with their bar section. What else do you need? Plan a visit soon and relish your taste buds over some amazing and exquisite tribal and seafood delicacies.


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