Fun Times at Pour House !

Pour House doesn’t need any introduction. It has been acclaimed by many as the finest gastropub in Sec V, Salt Lake. It was time for me to finally give this place a visit for the first time. I was invited here for a food tasting session with Nilanjana Bagchi , mainly to try their newly launched buffet.

Pour House is located in the first floor of the same building where Pantaloons is. The place is huge and very skilfully constructed. The decoration is very quirky and goes well with the theme. It was time for some munching to begin.

Watermelon Martini
Mexican Cooler

We were initially served two of their special cocktails and two mocktails. Among cocktails, we had Watermelon Martini and Mexican Cooler. The Watermelon Martini had gin and was very refreshing. The Mexican Cooler was done was a tequila base. It was salt rimmed and tasted wonderful.

Love in Pour House
Wild Cat Cooler

Among mocktails, we had Love in Pour House and Wild Cat Cooler. The former had orange, mint, strawberry crush and mango juice. It was sweet, chilled and refreshing. The latter had a very unique taste of cinnamon and was refreshing as well.


We moved on the appetizers, which were served in platters. The first platter included Chicken Lollypops, Pan Fried Chilli Fish and Chicken Tikka. These were really tempting. The lollypop was well done; so was the chicken tikka but what impressed both of us a lot was the fish. The fish was soft and fresh and tasted brilliant.


The next platter was the one that can be enjoyed with some wine or beer. The platter consisted of crumb fried items. It included Cocktail Fish Fingers, Hardy Chicken Balls and Fried Chicken Supreme. I loved the entire platter, specially the chicken balls which were their speciality and tasted out of the world. The fish fingers and fried chicken were equally excellent.


The third platter was a veg platter which included Falafel, Tandoori Aloo and Veg Spring Roll. The veg items were good as well, specially the Tandoori Aloo.


Our platters were followed by a veg pizza which was topped with chesse, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, etc.


We walked towards the buffet section to savour the main course. The Veg Manchow Soup tasted well, the noodles being perfectly crispy. The veg biryani was actually something that surprised me with its amazing flavour. Kudos to the chef ! In the Chinese section, I tried the Veg Hakka Noodles which I paired up the fish and chicken options. Once again the fish particularly impressed me with the amazing texture. The dessert options included gulab jamuns and brownies.

Overall, the new buffet menu at Pour House is worth a try. I loved the entire spread from the appetizers to the main course. I’m definitely going back to try the drinks and the other items on the menu


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