Sunday Brunch at Serafina !

Serafina had been on my wishlist for long since its inception in the city. Serafina is always considered as the best Italian fine dining restaurant in Kolkata. The launch of Sunday brunch over here has made this place much popular than it used to be. I was planning to visit Serafina on a Sunday and try out the much hyped brunch when I received an invitation from First Idea PR to visit Serafina on the occassion of Sunday Brunch. Naturally, my excitement got doubled !


It was a Sunday afternoon and Serafina was bustling with people. I was able to realise the craze which people already have for their Sunday brunch. Luckily, a table was reserved for the bloggers meet. As we got seated, the items of the brunch started coming one by one. To be honest, it’s quite difficult for one person to savour the entire brunch.


Before going to my experience, let me give some details on the inclusions of the brunch.

• A complementary glass of wine/beer/sangria or mocktail.


• An assorted bread basket where the breads are prepared in-house.


• Soup of the day.
Must try – Cream of Chicken Soup.

• Bruschetta and Veg Crostini.


• Crispy Fried Calamari with Marinara Sauce


• Arrabiata Spiced Chicken


• Salad.
Make your own salad at the salad counter.


• Omlet.
Choose your ingredients at the omlet counter and your omlet would be ready !

• Chicken Sliders with French Fries.


• Grilled Chicken with Veggies and Potato Mash.


• Thin Crust Pizza.
Must try – White base pizza with calamari, shrimps and bacon.

• Pasta.
Must try – Spaghetti in White Sauce with chicken, shrimps and bacon.


• Tiramisu.

I’m sure you’re surprised to know so many things served at the brunch but at the same time, you must wondering this to be pretty costly ! To prove you wrong, let me tell you that the brunch consisting of so much is priced at just 999 plus taxes per person, which makes it the most economical brunch in the city ! Except the drink, everything else on the menu is UNLIMITED.

Coming to my experience, the first thing that reached the table was a glass of Wine followed by a Bread Basket. The Cream of Chicken Soup, which came next, was subtle and flavourful. I specially loved the Bruschetta that came with the soup for the juicy tomatoes. Among appetizers, the Fried Calamari is to die for. They were just perfect ! The Chicken was good too. The Omlet was thick and well done. The Salad tasted amazing. The Chicken Sliders were too good. The juicy chicken fillet coated with caramelized onions tasted excellent.

I was almost full with the appetizers, but the delicious offerings in the main course helped me create some space in my stomach. The Grilled Chicken was perfectly done. A special mention goes to the smooth potato mash. Among thin crust pizzas, I had the Red base pizza with chicken and White base pizza with calamari, shrimps and bacon. The red base pizza was good but the white base pizza was the show stopper ! It was so damn delicious that all of us fell in love with it. Next were the pastas, from which we had Penne in Arrabiata sauce and Spaghetti in white sauce white shrimps, bacon and chicken. The penne was good but what turned out to be excellent was the spaghetti. The texture of the spaghetti was just perfect and the white sauce tasted brilliant.

For desserts, we had Tiramisu, Panacotta and Lemongrass Creme Brulee. Serafina is famous for their Tiramisu and I was lost in its flavour. The richness of coffee could be felt. The Panacotta and Creme Brulee were also loved by all of us !

Overall, everything on the brunch tasted out of the world. The brunch menu is wisely chosen and you get much more than what you pay for ! The quantity and quality of food are of top notch. The service and hospitality are commendable as well. I would just end with this note that if you haven’t tried the brunch at Serafina, you’re definitely missing a lot. So, plan your next Sunday at Serafina and try out the brunch !


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