Fall in Love with Oriental at Red Panda !

Red Panda, one of the finest Chinese restaurant in Survey Park area, turned out to be a hidden gem. It was quite far from my place and I wasn’t really anxious to visit this place. But one fine day, I received an invitation for a food tasting event from the owner of this place and that actually changed my entire vision about this place. To be honest, I had expected the food to taste pretty normal. But every dish that I tried here, exceeded all my expectations and left me speechless.

Red Panda is located beside Udita, close to EM Bypass. I was accompanied by Nilanjana Bagchi . There’s a small takeaway counter in the ground floor. The mezzanine floor was beautifully decorated with a seating capacity of 16 people. Though small, the place wasn’t cramped up. The seats were very comfortable. I somehow felt the place has much more potential than what it looked from outside and I was proven true with every dish that was served on our plates.

The menu is different, rather interesting, compared to the other Chinese restaurants in the vicinity. There were a huge number of options and we would have had a tough time to decide the menu, if it wasn’t pre set for our dinner. What surprised us was the economy factor, which was looked after with great care. The menu looked very pocket friendly even for students.


We started with Blue Lagoon. We were informed that the drinks and desserts had been just added to the menu and we were the first to try them. The blue lagoon was perfectly sweet, chilled and refreshing.


Moving ahead, we had Manchow Soup. Considering the portion and the nominal price, we were taken aback. One portion was divided into two large bowls, each of which is enough for a single person. The soup was dense and rich in minced chicken and veggies. The noodles on top were absolutely crispy. The soup was very tasty and gave a delicious start to our dinner.

Next we had the Cantonese Soy Sauce Pan Fried Noodles. In one word, it was amazing ! The pan fried noodles were topped with large chicken slices, mushroom, babycorn, broccoli, capsicum, etc. The quantity was perfect for two of us. Want to know the price? It’s just 150 bucks ! I can’t recall any casual dining restaurant charging so less for a plate of pan fried noodles decked up with so many ingredients and that too in generous quantity ! I was actually overwhelmed. The noodles tasted excellent. The sauce was subtle and flavourful.


We were full ! Yes, with just a soup and a plate of pan fried noodles, we were full. You can imagine the quantity. But seeing the Seafood Fried Rice arrive, I somehow managed to create some space in my stomach. The Seafood Fried Rice was loaded with squid and shrimps along with fish and egg. That’s something exotic, which you can’t miss out ! The quantity of rice at just 170 bucks with the generous portions of seafood was really surprising. The first time I tried it, I was taken aback by its mild flavour. Also the amazing texture of the squid was commendable.

We paired the Seafood Fried Rice with a fish and a lamb side dish. The Braised Fish in Chilli Bean Sauce was one of its kind. The sauce was medium spicy and tasted very good. Six pieces of fish were served in a portion. The pieces were unexpectedly large. I fell in love with the texture of the fish. The soft and delicate fish just melted in my mouth, taking me to a gastronomical journey. I’d definitely recommend everyone to try out this particular dish at Red Panda. This would definitely impress you in terms of quality, quantity and taste !


Hakka Style Lamb with Soy Garlic Sauce once again stood upto our expectations. The texture was something that blew me over. Perhaps, it was the best oriental preparation of lamb I’ve ever had. The quantity was once again great. I’m revisiting Red Panda for this one again !


We were too stuffed to even breathe. But then the dessert arrived and as they say, ‘There’s always a special room for desserts. They do not go to the stomach. They enter our heart !’ A plate of Darsaan was brought before us. Darsaan is a very common dessert available at almost all Chinese dine in restaurants and I was kinda bored of it. But the Darsaan I tried here, tasted out of the world. The crispness of the flour chips, the texture, the sweetness imparted by honey and everything else was picture perfect. I was glad to have such a beautiful Darsaan after many days !

Overall, I can call this place to be my best discovery of this year. Unexpectedly, it proved to be a hidden gem. The service and hospitality were of top notch. The food exceed all my expectations. I’m looking forward to come back again and devour everything that’s available here !


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