Brunch at Paris Cafe !

Paris Cafe had been one of the most trending places in the since its inception. A major credit of this goes to the much hyped Rainbow Cake, which had been named as Dream Come True. I had tried it once in the Ballygunge branch and it won my heart. Paris Cafe was then one among the few places who had rainbow cake in their menu. Today, Paris Cafe has four branches in the city. I was really excited when I got invited at the Sec V branch.

The Sec V branch is the most spacious and perhaps the most gorgeous among all the branches of Paris Cafe. It was a Saturday morning and the place was bustling with people. As I and Nilanjana Bagchi stepped in, we were greeted with a hearty welcome. Our seat close to the glass wall gave a beautiful view of the road. The seating here is comparatively more comfortable.


Coming to the food, we initially decided to go for an omlet. We were attended by Mr Aloke Das, who was very welcoming and hospitable. As per his suggestion, we ordered for a Cheese Omlet along with a Brownie Shake and a Green Apple Freezer. The service was quite fast considering the crowd. The omlet was amazing. Three eggs were used in it. The omlet was very light and fluffy. The cheese loaded inside was not at all overpowering. It was served with grilled bread. The Brownie Shake was perfectly sweet and had the chocolaty tinge which I was looking for. I took a sip from the Green Apple Freezer and I was chilled and refreshing. I also ordered for a Watermelon Freezer, which had a smooth texture and was very refreshing.


Moving on to the starters, we tried Lemon Vermicelli Fried Fish. The fish was absolutely amazing. The crispy outer layer followed by the soft layer of fish inside were a treat to the taste buds. The sublte flavour of lemon was brilliant. The taratar sauce went very well with it.


Ginger Glazed Chicken Wings, which we had next, once again turned out to be excellent. Those were unlike any other chicken wings I’ve tasted so far. The chicken was soft and well done. The mild flavour of ginger with the chicken was out of the world.

The main course was next. We started with Chicken Lasagna. And once again, I was amazed and surprised upon tasting it. One more thing which I haven’t mentioned so far is that every dish made a mark in terms of presentation and so did the lasagna. Grilled chicken, along with veggies were stuffed between lasagna sheets with tangy tomato sauce and creamy cheese sauce. This turned out to be my favourite over here. I’d suggest everyone to give this a try !


Citron Coriander Fish looked stunning. The bhetki fillets were well done. The fish itself was soft and fresh. The lemon coriander sauce was amazing. The fish fillets were served with cous cous. I somehow felt buttered rice or herb rice could have done a better job.

Finally for desserts, I tried my all time favourite the Dream Come True and the Chocolate and Nutella Crepe. The rainbow cake had an amazing texture, with balanced sweetness. The crepe was out of the world. The sinful chocolate stuffing left us speechless.

Overall, I am very much impressed by Paris Cafe. I’d been a fan of their desserts and bakes but never did I know that that food here would take me on such a memorable gastronomical journey. Each and every item I tried, turned out to be excellent. I literally had no words left when Mr Aloke Das asked me about the food. I could only say that it was out of the world ! Not only in terms of food, but in terms of service and hospitality as well, Paris Cafe deserves a full 5/5.


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