Kounteya Sinha’s Noble Approach for Women : Leap Of Faith ( LOF )

Kounteya Sinha, the 38-year old renowned journalist and photographer from Kolkata, has launched an incredibly unique programme for women named LOF ( Leap of Faith ). Women all around the world from Japan to New York, Spain to Britain, are joining this programme to achieve their dreams. Kounteya aspires to make them visible, both to the world as well as to themselves by fulfilling their dreams and ambitions.

Kounteya’s Inspiration Behind This Programme

Kounteya once happened to stumble upon a visual while documenting Kumartuli – one of Asia’s largest hubs of idol making, which had the leg of a lifeless mud idol of Goddess Durga tied to a fan – almost signifying bondage, lest she walk away and claim her freedom. He was shaken by this image and thus he could relate that to the situation of women in the world.

What is LOF?

The programme has two variations. In the first, Kounteya helps women who already have a dream but don’t know how to achieve it. Kounteya paves the path from start to finish and hands over the project or the idea in finished form.

In the second, he is actually helping women build a dream. For those who want to do something significant in their life but do not have an idea what it could be, Kounteya actually psycho analyses them, understands their core strengths and creates projects for them. Kudos to him !

Kounteya usually meets his clients in their home. He then analyses the amount of effort they can put in achieving their dreams and finally decides to take up the project once he is convinced.

Kounteya feels there are numerous women around the world who are brilliant, talented and hard-working, but are invisible not only to the world but also to those inside their own walls. He also finds women to be more committed and honest. So, he’s working only with women.

Recently, Kounteya had to travel to distant parts of Rajasthan to unveil to the world, an incredible idea of rain water harvesting. Kounteya believes there are people around the world who are silently bringing the change for the better, but fail to come out of their veil. They are they real heroes of our society and letting them remain in their viel is unjust.

Kounteya had worked for three and a half years in London as Times of India’s UK correspondent. Within that time, he became UK’s most prolific and recognised Indian journalists, having access to the highest offices of government and royalty. He has won at least half a dozen awards for his work. Kounteyas ultimate dream is to see every person on this planet believe that dreams aren’t just figments of their imagination but real !


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