Health Menu at Q33, Quest Mall !

Healthy food is the new trend these days, with so many health cafes springing up in the city. Healthy food is never my take but healthy and nutritious food is what our body desires. Amongst us, there are a lot of people who desire for healthy food to maintain their diet. Thus, Q33 has come up with their brand new healthy menu to cater to such people all over the city.


Q33 is an open cafe in the ground floor of the lavish Quest Mall. The menu is very similar to what you may expect in a cafe. I was recently invited here to try out the healthy menu. Though the menu is limited, it has good variation which somehow impressed me.


I started with the soups. There were two variants. The Oats and Fresh Veggie Soup was rich in fibre oats infused with fresh root high nutritious vegetables and herbs. The Chicken and Asparagus Broth had exotic low caloried vegetables infused with some added chicken cubes enriched with proteins. I, being a non vegetarian, prefered the chicken broth which was mild and flavourful.

Next I had the salads on the table. The Tropical Fruit Salad included apple, papaya, banana and watermelon. The fruits were fresh and juicy. However, since I do not like papaya and banana, the salad somehow didn’t go well with me. The next salad was Citrus and Mixed Lettuce Salad. It was a mixture of greens, pineapple and orange segments with a light lemon honey dressing. This was really nice, with a special mention to the pineapple and melons.


Olive Oil Drizzled Steamed Veggies included asparagus, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and babycorn. The soft and juicy veggies were something I was very delighted to have.


The final dish on the healthy menu, which was my favourite was Poached Fish with Mango Veloute. The fish was soft and fresh. It tasted out of the world. The mango veloute deserves a special mention.

Overall, the healthy menu at Q33 is something which every healthy food seeker must give a try. My recommendation goes with the chicken broth, citrus and lettuce salad, and definitely the poached fish.


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