Get Broasted at Genuine Broaster Chicken !

After the successful launch of the first branch of Genuine Broaster Chicken in Kolkata, they’ve come up with four new branches. I was recently invited at the Sector V branch, which happens to be the most spacious among all five.


The place has a typical old school American decor. The ground floor is well decorated. A narrow staircase leads to the first floor. The menu is quite interesting. It’s completely based on Indo-American fusion cuisine, which is quite rare to find in the city. It was good to see that they have revamped the menu for India.

The summer heat was intense and we were craving for some drinks. They served drinks in specially curated glasses and the drinks weren’t similar to the soda based drinks available in the market. We initially started with Chul Bul and Tarbuj Cola, followed by Palang Tod, Fizzy Watermelon and Classic Lemon Bubbled. Both the watermelon drinks turned out to be good. The Tarbuj Cola was innovative since it was sweet and had the fizz of cola. Chul Bul soda tasted totally different from masala coke because of the use of a special syrup which left a spicy tinge in the throat after gulping down the drink. Palang Tod was prepared in front of us, like a typical jägerbomb, where beer was replaced by Red bull. The menu also included hot beverages and milkshakes which I couldn’t try this time.


The fried chicken was what I was waiting for. They rather call it ‘broasted‘ chicken. Now what does that term mean? The chicken is deep fried in a pressure fryer, which makes it more crispy, juicy and flavourful. Of course, the oil content is much less than the fried chicken at other places. Going by the name, they have named this technique as ‘broasting‘. The fried chicken came in three variants – Classic Broaster Chicken, Happy Fried Chicken and Hot Masala Chicken. My favourite was definitely the Hot Masala Chicken. It was amazingly crispy and spicy. The juiciness of the chicken was an additional thing I loved. This was irresistible and I couldn’t stop munching it. The Hot Masala Chicken definitely deserves a try !


Firangi Palak Chicken Dip was the next thing brought before us. Soft chicken cubes were baked with spinach and cheese and served with grilled garlic bread. The dip tasted brilliant. Anything with cheese can’t go wrong somehow and so was this dish.


The next thing was quite surprising for me when the chef brought before us ‘Italian Ghotala Biryani‘ ! This was a fusion biryani where the rice was cooked with Arrabiata sauce, butter chicken gravy and chicken Keema. To be honest, I can never tolerate typical fusion atleast with biryani but somehow I was taken aback by this amazing fusion ! It wasn’t very oily, was moderately spicy and had minced chicken proportionally added with the rice. I’m sure you’d love this even if you don’t prefer fusion with your favourite Kolkata Biryani !

It was dessert time and we had Walnut Brownie with Vanilla ice cream and Gulkand Muffin. Talking of the former, the brownie was spongy and very well cooked. It was otherwise a common dish but the texture of the brownie was something that left a mark. The Gulkand Muffin was something I loved. It looked like a typical dry cupcake but tasted amazing. The centre had a sweet stuffing of gulkand.

Overall, the menu has been modified a lot since my last visit, along with new additions. I loved the food and the drinks, a special mention definitely goes to the Italian Ghotala Biryani, which is a must try over here.

Verdict – Must Visit !


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