Authentic Japanese at Fuji !

Calcutta is rich in Asian cuisine, primilarily Chinese. Apart from the numerous Chinese restaurants in every corner of the city, Calcutta also boasts of Japanese. There are only a handful of restaurants that serve Japanese cuisine but when it comes to authentic Japanese, the only name that comes up is Fuji. Fuji was long in my wishlist and finally my visit happened to this place by an invitation for bloggers meet. We generally have the assumption of limiting Japanese cuisine to sushis and raw fish only. Fuji is one such place where you’ll actually be startled to find such a huge variation in Japanese food. Besides, โ€˜Fujiโ€™ has two meanings – Fuji is the name of a famous Japanese flower which is called Wisteria. It is considered auspicious and is traditionally used during celebrations such as wedding, birth of a child, and also during various festivals. Secondly, Mt. Fuji is a symbol of Japan and whenever, we see or hear about Japan, we come across Mt. Fuji and that is one of our objectives, which is to become a symbol of Japan and Japanese food.

Fuji is located close to Sarat Bose Road Post Office. It is quite easy to locate as it is situated on the main road. The restaurant is on the first floor and has the decor of a Japanese household. What I was waiting for was the food and my wait was brought to an end very soon.

Momo Soup

We started with a bowl of Momo soup. The clear broth was hot and aromatic. The single chicken momo placed in the broth was huge in size and had a thick stuffing of minced chicken. The outer coating, being thin, stole the show!

Delhi and Kolkata Maki Sushis

Next on our table, were placed two variants of Maki Mono Sushi. Delhi Maki Sushi had chicken teriyaki rolled into rice while the Kolkata Maki had a stuffing of prawn Tempura cooked with teriyaki sauce. Both of the sushis tasted amazing but if I had to choose among one, my vote would go to the Kolkata Maki, for the succulent prawns.

Tempura Moriwase

The Tempura Moriwase ( Prawn Tempura Platter ) served next, was an amazing one. The tempura prawns were huge in size. I loved the succulent, juicy prawns coated with a crispy outer covering. Served alongside with it, were onion ring tempuras and capsicum tempuras. The platter is a great option for munching with some drinks.

Mixed Yakisoba Noodles with Spicy Teriyaki Fish


Finally, I the main course arrived. The Mixed Yakisoba Noodles tasted amazing. The noodles were pan sauteed with chicken, shrimps and veggies in a tangy and spicy sauce. It was well complemented by the Spicy Teriyaki Fish, which was brilliant. The fish was fresh, soft and had an amazing texture.

Wasabi Ice Cream

We ended our meal with Wasabi Ice Cream which to an extent was spicy and had the zing of wasabi.

Overall Verdict : Must Visit.

Picture CourtesyOendrila De.

 Fuji Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


4 thoughts on “Authentic Japanese at Fuji !

  1. I was surprised that fuji means wisteria. This is an excellent review not only for the mouth-watering descriptions and photographs but it was interesting. I don’t usually find restaurant reviews this interesting so you’ve got my vote as a new kind of restaurant critic. I would love to try the wasabi ice cream. I just found a recipe on-line. I don’t know though, if I was making ice cream, would I make wasabi or raspberry. What did you think of the wasabi ice cream?

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