The Mars Expedition !

Kids these days are very much tech savvy. They are too much into video games and are quite lured by anything that has some animation. To be precise, I’m talking of my six year old cousin sister. She was curious from the moment I received the hamper of Colgate from BlogAdda.Com, which she knew had some magical space characters. She forced me to open them instantly and was pretty disappointed to figure out the packs of toothpaste in it. But, a smile was brought back in her face when she discovered that the space characters were embedded inside the packs, which needed to be cut out !


I helped her to cut out the magical space characters from the packs, which she used to play, figure out each character by my help and thereby frame her own story. She was reluctant to make her own story since the characters were quirky and she enjoyed playing with them but on my repeated insistment, she finally came down with a rather simple story, but one packed with adventure, using the magical space characters, which I’m going to narrate to you !

A space mission was launched from India to Mars. She doesn’t know what Mars is. Instead, she wanted the spaceship to land on Sun. I had a tough time explaining her that the rocket would boil and completely vaporise before even landing on the sun. Finally, she came into terms with me and her story now included the spaceship landing into Mars!


Coming back to her story, the spaceship had a safe landing on Mars. There were two astronauts who touched the soil of the Red Planet for the first time. They started moving here and there in joy as they plunged India’s flag into the ground of the planet. But little did they know that they were being watched by some unearthly creatures! My sister calls them monsters, what we generally address to as ‘aliens’. Yes, she imagined aliens to be present in Mars who supposedly weren’t friendly and turned ferocious on seeing unwanted guests on their land. They were speaking in some weird language by moving their hands which was beyond the level of understanding of the Indian astronauts.


The aliens had superpowers. They could emit laser beams just by moving their hand. This is probably my sister’s fantasy after watching some sci-fi films. The astronauts weren’t unarmed. They had the latest gadgets made by our country’s best scientists and technicians to fight against all odds. They had sleeping bullets which when used on the aliens, did put them into temporary sleep. The astronauts then took a tour of the planet, completing all the tasks they had come for. Finally, they were ready and went back to the spaceship with required samples of the soil. The spaceship left the planet without harming the aliens and made a safe landing into Earth.

Thus, it was a story with a happy ending for both Indians as well as the aliens, who went destructive to save their homeland which they assumed was attacked by unwanted guests.

I would love to thank BlogAdda and Colgate for giving me this opportunity to participate in this contest.

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


4 thoughts on “The Mars Expedition !

  1. This post made me smile. I guess that’s where a no pun intended Colgate ad comes in πŸ˜‰ It’s so true that kids grow up using tech only toys. Looks like your sister has a wonderful big brother to encourage imagination.

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