Get Ready to be a Wokaholic !

Are you very fond of wok-cooked food? Well, you can proudly call yourself a ‘Wokaholic‘ ! The suffix ‘holic’ is generally used to indicate addiction towards something, like alcoholic, chocoholic, etc. Wokaholic, a one of its kind restaurant at Loudon Street, does justice to its name, as the food there would definitely get you addicted to this place. I was invited at Wokaholic for a bloggers meet, over some delicious wok-cooked food. The place, though small, is well decorated. One of the walls is made of glass, which is a good option for selfie freaks, while the other depicts scenes from old Calcutta. Another side is the live kitchen. So, you can see the food being cooked from your table ! The menu they have is diverse and interesting but the main reason that someone will have to visit this place is their wok box. Yes, Wokaholic is the only place in the city serving wok boxes. What’s a wok box? Let’s get into details.


The Concept of Wok Box

I’m sure everyone reading this article, is familiar with Subway, where you can choose the bread, the meat, the veggies and the dressing. Similarly at Wokaholic, there’s a personal box which has been termed as the ‘wok box’. You can fill it with things of your choice. You can choose from a wide range of staples, protein, veggies, sauce and toppings. Your chosen ingredients would be cooked and you can enjoy the wok box of your choice. Sounds interesting right?Check this video on the preparation of one such wok box !

Apart from their signature wok boxes, Wokaholic also has a variety of appetizers and dimsums to munch over. Let’s have a look at them.

Vegetarian Starters


I’m the one who will always run away hearing the name of eggplant. When I heard about the Vietnamese Grilled Eggplant to be in the menu, I had almost decided that I won’t be tasting it when I saw a typical ‘wow’ reaction on one of my fellow blogger’s face. This irked me and I took a nibble sized portion. And yeah ! I was delighted like never before. I couldn’t get over the fact that Wokaholic made me fall in love with eggplant. The eggplant was roasted and tossed with fried onions, peanuts, red chillies, etc. I’m sure you’d be fond of its spicy flavour. This starter was a sure hit among the vegetarian options. The Cream Cheese Rangoon, which was basically cheese stuffed fritters served with sweet chilli dip, was amazing. The Wok Fiery Paneer, as the name suggests was fiery hot and extra spicy. What I loved was the amazing texture of the paneer. Deserves a try ! I’m never into vegetarian options when I visit a restaurant and so are most of the non vegetarians. But at Wokaholic, I’m sure you’d be at a loss if you skip the veg starters.

Non Vegetarian Starters


The irresistible Katsu Chicken had a crispy outer coating with a thick fillet of chicken inside. The amazing kaffir lime scented chicken was a treat to the taste buds. The Chicken Satay required to be grilled a little more, which otherwise tasted excellent with the peanut sauce. The Honey Sesame Chicken, surprisingly, turned out to be the hero among the three. The not so crispy and chewy, honey and sesame tossed chicken strips were highly delectable and we loved munching them.



The Spinach Corn and Cheese Dumplings are definitely a good vegetarian option. The huge filling made the dimsums all the more amazing. They have two sauces, the sweet chilli and the fiery sauce. I somehow preferred the sweet chilli sauce, since I’m not a fond of fiery dips but the dumplings actually tasted better with the fiery sauce. So, choose your dips well ! The Chicken Sui Mai was delectable with generous stuffing. The thin outer layer deserves an additional point.

Wok Boxes


Time to say about their speciality zone. I’d personally give full marks to the wok boxes. Firstly, I loved the overall concept. Secondly, the pricing is cheap and the quantity served is a complete meal for a single person. We had three customized wok boxes. The first one was Brown Rice in Aromatic Thai Herb, containing chicken, shrimps, mushrooms and babycorn. It was lovely. The fragrance of brown rice stole the show. The second box was Egg Noodles in Tom Yum Sauce, with shrimps, chicken, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, diced onions and fried garlic. This was my favourite among all the wok boxes. The third one was Flat Noodles in Massaman Sauce, with chicken, shrimps, bell peppers, mushrooms and fried garlic. The Massaman Sauce was a big hit among us.

Why Wokaholic?

• Innovative Wok Boxes like never before. Make your own and test your choice of ingredients.

• Cheap pricing. Huge quantity.

• Interesting Menu

• Great place for a hangout.

Watch out for the New Alipore outlet. Till then stay tuned and enjoy wok-cooked food from Wokaholic !

Wokaholic Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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