Sunday Breakfast at Eat Good Food by Hena Nafis !

Eat Good Food is certainly the pioneer of the health food cafes that are coming up in the city. It is the brainchild of the famous nutritionist, Hena Nafis. Building a modern cafe themed restaurant and still holding the claim of serving healthy food wasn’t easy for Hena. She took up the challenge and today Eat Good Food is the most successful health food joint in the city, with two outlets – one in Park Circus, close to Bata, while the other in Salt Lake, bang opposite to Bengal Tennis Association.


I was invited at the Park Circus branch for a bloggers meet on the occassion of a ‘Sunday Breakfast‘. Firstly I’d talk of the amazing decor. The entire cafe has a typical Western theme, quite different from the genre of cafes which Kolkata has. The entire place is divided into five sections, each with a different decor and seating arrangement. Hena Nafis was personally there to attend us. It was when she thought that besides suggesting a proper diet to her patients, she can actually run a restaurant of her own with her knowledge and experience, thereby giving a gasp of hope to the disturbed obese people in the city, she came up with her brand ‘Eat Good Food‘.


A healthy breakfast should definitely have fruit juices and so we had detox juices. Detox juices besides being healthy, do serve a lot of benefits like weight loss, speeds up body metabolism, etc. The Skin Tonic contains carrot, cucumber and tomato. The name is so chosen that the main efficiency of the drink comes out. It serves to remove toxins from the skin and body, thereby rendering a bright and fresh look. The Immunity Booster serves to help our body gain immunity against germs and strengthens our immune system. It contained beetroot, carrot, orange, apple and honey.


Done with the detox drinks, we had ‘Overnite Oats‘. Ultra creamy ( without cream ) oats had been soaked overnight in milk and yoghurt with chopped fresh fruits. We tried three flavours from this range – Crisp Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate & Banana and Cafe Mocha. I’m the last person who will prefer to have oats in breakfast but surprisingly all of the three flavours seemed excellent, my favourite being the Crisp Apple Cinnamon.


After the innovative oats, we were served Smoothie Bowls. That was another example of their innovation. Smoothie was served in large bowls. The presentation was top notch. Strawberry with Amarnath Muesli was my pick, topped with sliced strawberries. The Double Choco with chocolate flavoured yoghurt and choco chips was excellent as well.

For egg lovers, there were Egg Pizza and Egg Muffin. If you’re too bored of the normal pizza, try the Egg Pizza at Eat Good Food. The normal pizza base was replaced by a fried omlette, topped with feta, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes and mint. It was amazing. The Egg Muffin looked excellent. Baked eggs were packed with protein and veggies, topped with pumpkin seeds. It was a sheer delight.


Two variants of Loaded Baked Potato were served. The starch was removed and the hollow was stuffed with protein packed fillings. Both Cottage Cheese Spinach and Roast Chicken were my favourite. They were quite filling as well.

Among sandwiches, we tried out Hummus & Grilled Veggies and Roast Chicken. Whole wheat ciabatta bread was chosen for this purpose. Somehow, I loved the veg sandwich more than the chicken one.


The pancakes stole the show, both in terms of presentation and taste. I kept on admiring the Layered Fruit Pancake. The topping with strawberries looked great. The Chocolate Pancake was soft and stuffed with chocolate. I loved it.

Breakfast is one of the most neglected meals of the day. Most of us have to leave early for office or college or school and we finish off the first meal in almost a rush, without taking proper care. Some of us have a habit to wake up late and then we have a nibble and settle for lunch, which happens with me quite often. Thus a proper breakfast is always missed out by many of us. Sunday, the day we all are free from work, is when we should have a healthy and balanced breakfast which Eat Good Food provides with perhaps the best possible assortment. So, if you’re up for a healthy meal, Eat Good Food should always be your choice !

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