Tastes of India : Kolkata’s Biggest Food Festival !

Tastes of India : Kolkata’s biggest food festival finally hit the city of joy. It was one of the much awaited, hyped and celebrated events of the year. The venue chosen was Nalban Food Park. The huge ground made way for around 85 stalls to be accommodated in it. Various restaurants, both the popular ones as well as newbies, had put up their respective stalls to add spark to this festival. From kebabs to desserts, everything was available at Tastes of India. The weekend dates favoured accumulation of a brilliant crowd. I, being one of the official bloggers of this event, had a great time with my fellow bloggers by visiting different stalls, trying their food and enjoying the fun games organised by Zomato.

Let’s have a look at the various stalls I covered at Tastes of India.

Swati’s Flavours of Rosogolla


Rare is the count of people who still haven’t tried out the flavoured rosogollas prepared by Swati. Undoubtedly, this was one of the most crowded stalls at Tastes of India. My favourite flavours were green chilli, phuchka, watermelon and coffee !



Can you resist when you see the food being grilled live and served on your plate? Yes, Skewers is a comparatively new joint with such a concept. I tried the chicken skewer in peanut sauce and sweet chilly fish, both of which were amazing.

The Frozen Tree


Perhaps this was the only stall at Tastes of India, selling popsicles, which were a huge relief from the summer heat. The pospicles had fresh fruits embedded in them, which could be identified easily, and no additives were used. The strawberry basil popsicle was my favourite. I hope they open an outlet soon so that I can try the other popsicles as well.



The concept of live ice cream is very popular these days and Frollz is one among them. Being the exclusive stall at Tastes of India selling live ice creams, Frollz was a huge crowd gatherer. Check out this link to watch the video on the preparation of live Black Forest ice cream. The pan flavour was excellent as well.

NO Junktion


This is one brand which serves healthy food without letting you sacrifice your craving for junk food. My all time favourites from their stall are the multi grain mega mashed chicken burger and the whole wheat pan grilled chicken shawarma. The shawarma was an amazing one having chicken filling with Italian seasoning and home made cocktail dressing.

The Stadel


This place had always been my favourite. I tried the chicken tikka pesto panini at their stall, which was excellent. They were offering cupcakes from Cremecup for free to every customer visiting their stall, which was a great initiative.

The Baker’s Box


This is a new bakery in town. I sampled the cheese samosa and the brownies from their stall. The cheese samosa is unparallel and irresistible. One can’t stop falling in love with it. The brownie was also good.

XII Zodiac – The Fern Residency


This place is quite popular as the only zodiac themed restaurant in the city. I tried out the fried bombay duck from their stall. The fish was crispy. It was served along with fries and tomato sauce. Loved it !

Apart from these stalls, there were some amazing games organised by Zomato to entertain the crowd. Day 1 witnessed contests like Beer Challenge with M Bar Kitchen and Flip a Cup contest with Burnt Garlic. Check out this video to watch one of the teams perform at the second contest. Day 2 witnessed Picnic Basket with GVF and Food Quiz with Calcutta Foodies Club. There was also a Taste Buds contest in association with Drunken Monkey and The Stadel.

Tastes of India did make a mark among foodies and entrepreneurs. This venture by Siddhant Jaitha and Rohini Baid was a huge success in the first attempt. I’m gladly looking forward to the next installment of Tastes of India.


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