Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio !

Staying fit and healthy should be one of the goals of our life. But that doesn’t mean you’ll skip your meals and thereby turn skinny and sick. These days kids are more addicted to mobiles, video gamea and the modern electronic gadgets and thus prefer to stay home. Also, who can stop them from having junk food? These bad habits actually lead to an increase in obesity among children. According to a recent report submitted by a widespread daily, Childhood obesity has shot up in India and reached alarming proportions around 22% prevalence rate over the last 5 years in children and adolescents aged between 5-19 years. Parents, naturally, are concerned about this issue. To address this situation in the city, Ms. Hena Nafis, the celebrated nutritionist has opened her own brand called Nutrience – a Kid’s Fitness Studio in Saltlake.


NKFS is located bang opposite Bengal Tennis Association, Sector 3, Salt Lake. Now, you’d wonder why should you take your child to NKFS and not to among the many gyms scattered throughout the city? Well, there are many reasons.


• It is a gym-cum-nutrition centre for children between the age group of six to thirteen plus years and helps children to stay fit, increase their height and control obesity.

• At NKFS, children and their parents are comprehensively mentored with a holistic program towards a healthier lifestyle.

• Proper diets fulfilling all nutritional needs of the child are planned along with a fitness regimen to achieve an active healthy lifestyle peppered with fun.

• The fitness equipments are one of their kind, most of which are sourced from leading developers and manufacturers of youth fitness equipment, specifically designed for children, and are are available exclusively at NKFS.

• The entire place has been designed in a colourful way to interact with the kids. Even the laziest kid would love to visit NKFS.


Sarika & Shashank, the mentor duo at NKFS feel that it’s not just a fitness studio, it’s an action based learning centre. According to them, not addressing obesity concerns can lead to heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. in later life. This is where they come in. At the Nutrience Kids’ Fitness Studio, a complete, well-rounded solution to your child’s fitness needs is offered. They do it in a way that is fun, so children do not have to be coaxed into it. They will feel excited about the whole process of keeping themselves fit.

NKFS provides an opportunity where children come, learn and are also involved in some physical activity. Efficient and friendly trainers are chosen to provide proper guidance to the kids. So, if you want your children to be healthy and fit, without listening to their complaints of playing games by staying at home, then NKFS is the best place you’ve got for your children.

Address: IA 272, Sec – III, Salt Lake (Opposite Bengal Tennis Association), Kolkata – 700097

Timings: Monday to Friday (3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

Saturdays & Sundays – (9 to 12 p.m.)


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