The Nostalgic Canteen Lunch at Bombay Brasserie !

Bombay Brasserie is one of the most popular restaurants in Quest Mall. This is perhaps the best family dining restaurant in the mall. I was recently invited at Bombay Brasserie to try their Canteen Lunch menu. When I talk of canteen lunch, what you may generally assume that canteen food is very common in schools, colleges and office. So where’s the highlight of introducting it in the menu of a fine dining restaurant? Let me tell you that the canteen lunch menu will have a variety of dishes from the old canteens of India. This weekday special lunch will have a range of handpicked old canteen favourites from the renowned canteens of India like the Film Studio Canteen of Bombay, Bombay City Canteen, Old Madras Street Canteen, Punjab University Canteen, Jimmy’s Canteen, Patil House Canteen and many more. The concept is to bring the signature canteen dishes from all over India to the gourmands of Kolkata without challenging the local food market and that is the reason why they did not choose to include any of the Kolkata’s canteen special dishes in this menu. So if you’re bored with the stuffs available in the local canteens, you can definitely try out the vast canteen lunch menu at Bombay Brasserie.

The dishes which are a part of the canteen lunch menu include street food, appetizers, staples, veggies, meat and even desserts. This seasonal and sophisticated approach to the Canteen Lunch will have mouth-watering and signature delicacies such as Chhole Double Roll, Paneer Pakoda with Imli Chutney & Sindhi Kheema Biryani from KC College Canteen; Roasted Chicken Wings, Uncle Special Vegetable Biriyani from Uncle Pascal’s Canteen; Achhari Roast Aloo, Tomato and Chicken Soup, Pav Vada, Bombay Mix Bhel, Tandoori Roti, Royal Mini Faluda, Choco Bar and many more from Rajasthan Academy. The spicy, sweet and smoky flavours are absolutely lip-smacking. Not only that, the restaurant team will be dressed in traditional Canteen attires and serve food from the Dabbas and soup in the Cutting Chai Glasses. So, it’s not just the food but also the experience that will take you on a gastronomical journey.
So, it’s time to share with you my experience of the canteen lunch at Bombay Brasserie. Let’s take a look on some of the dishes I had tried out.

Vegetable Cutlet and Aloo Keema Tikki

Among both the fritters, I somewhat liked the vegetable cutlet more than the Keema Tikki. Being a non vegetarian, even I was surprised at the moment, like you are after reading this. The aloo tikki was a stuffing a mashed potato and minced meat. It was served hot and tasted great. The vegetable cutlet had a crispy covering of bread crumbs. The stuffing was of mashed green peas and veggies. I completely fell in love with the crispness of the cutlet and the amazingly prepared stuffing.

Parsi Fried Chicken

The chicken was golden fried. It was served piping hot and tasted great. A thin fillet of chicken was coated by a crispy covering. As I took one bite into it, I was lost into the juiciness of the chicken and its crisp covering. I kept munching it till it got over, leaving me craving for more.

Street Paneer

Paneer is one of the dishes which I really don’t like having, other than palak paneer prepared by my mother. It was too reluctant to have one but the magical use of spices did automatically life up my mood. Yes, it was like an unexpected twist. The paneer was soft with the crispy and spicy outer covering. A typical street food couldn’t have been better than this.

leaf fish

The fish looked similar to the paneer dish but tasted very different. The amount of spice was less and the use of curry leaves was excellent. I’m generally not a fond of curry leaves in my plate as I prefer not to let them reach my tongue but this time it really didn’t create that unwanted flavour. I would appreciate that. However, once again, to your surprise, I would say that among the two similar looking dishes, the paneer stood over the fish. Don’t believe what you read? Go, try out both and judge yourself.

Vada Paw

I would say that after a trail of excellent dishes, this was a disappointment. The bread was completely dry and lacked the layering of butter on the inside. The vada was well done with adequate spices.


If you’re looking for Kolkata biryani, then forget this one. If you want to try out something different from the mainstream biryanis available in the city, this one is a must try ! The flavour was amazing, with the richness of exotic ingredients like plums and rose petal powder. The chicken was soft and well marinated, which is the best thing about the biryani. The uniqueness of this biryani, which is rare in the city, is sure to make you forget the potato in the biryani and make you fall in love with this.


This dish has drawn inspiration from the Parsi community of Mumbai. The slightly tangy and spicy chicken curry was paired with tandoori roti and butter naan, both of which were an interesting match. The chicken was soft and succulent. Since Parsi food is one of those cuisines found rarely in the city, the Salli Chicken is a must try for all.


You won’t believe that I finished three portions of this sooji halwa ! You’d think I’m a giant but yes I’m a huge fan of desserts, so you can consider me as a dessert monster. What I actually tried conveying was that the halwa was amazing and so amazing that I was unable to stop having it. It was rich in ghee and had a low amount of sugar, which is the perfect way I love having my desserts. This should be in your priority list if you’re looking for desserts here.


The overall pudding had three layers. The topmost layer was fruit custard with chopped fruits, followed by crushed cake and fruit jelly at the bottom. I was delighted by this one, which I found quiet innovative.

Overall, the food from the canteen lunch menu will unquestionably warm your hearts and appease your taste buds. The team at Bombay Brasserie has used their imagination to take diners along on a magical gastronomical journey. The ambience and service are of top notch.

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