Bloggers Meet at The Irish House !

The Irish House can rightfully be termed as the ‘king’ of all pubs in the city. Located in the top floor of Quest Mall amongst some of the biggest brands in the city, this place doesn’t need any introduction. The entrance is a huge one with large-sized double wooden doors, similar to those you’ve witnessed before the historical palaces. The blue wall looks amazing with designer clocks and paintings on it. The interior is classy and lavish. I bet you’d feel like you’re sitting in an European pub, as its vibes are very different from the other pubs in the city. The bar area looks stunning. The furniture overall suits the theme of the place. I was invited here for a bloggers meet. Now, why would you visit The Irish House? Obviously, for the cocktails ! But, I can assure that you’d fall in love with their food as well. So, let’s go on a ride into the special menu of The Irish House.


Kaffir Lime Spiced Mojito

This was my favourite among all the amazing cocktails served at The Irish House. Bacardi was mixed with fresh lime, mint leaves and kaffir lime. This was refreshing.


This was an interesting mix of vodka, lime juice, fresh mint and soda. The flavour of watermelon has the best part of it.

Moulin Rouge

This was served in a martini glass. Vodka was mixed with fresh pomegranate juice, grenadine syrup and mint.

Green Goblet

This was a community cocktail, served in a huge bowl, which resembled a goblet. It was a mix of vodka, bacardi, green melon liquor and pineapple juice.

Besides the amazing cocktails, we were served some great finger food, followed by an amazing main course.

Drunken Mushroom Bites

When you hear the name, what’s the first thing that strikes your mind? Will I get drunk by having this dish? Well, you might get drunk since the oven roasted mushrooms are infused with tequila, topped with stewed spinach, goat cheese and parmesan cheese. As I took a bite into the succulent mushroom, cheese did fill up my mouth and it was such a heavenly feeling ! The crispy lavash, served alongside, complemented the mushrooms well.

Headless Chicken Platter

This platter is almost a complete meal for a person, might be for two as well depending on the appetite. The platter included generous portions of chicken tenders, original belfast wings, glazed belfast wings and bite-size chicken popcorn, with centrally placed french fries. The dips served were spicy mayo and salsa. The tenders were golden fried chicken supremes. The juicy chicken had a crispy outer covering, which was quite delicious. The original belfast wings were rubbed with in-house prepared spice and served crisp. The glazed wings were smeared with BBQ sauce. You can also choose among orange honey chilli and rich wine jus sauces. Both the wings were amazing. The chicken popcorns were of the size of nibbles, with a tender centre and a delicate crunch on the outside. I loved munching the popcorns. The platter overall was excellent, sumptuous and is definitely value for money with its huge and varied options. This was definitely the highlight of our lunch.

Mix Sauce Pasta

Penne was sauted with mix sauce and veggies It was served with garlic bread. The penne was soft and well boiled. The sauce was well prepared. The pasta was creamy, spicy and slightly tangy. The combination of flavours was quite nice.

Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak

The cottage cheese steaks were drizzled with creamy mustard sauce and served with herb sauted veggies, house salad and garlic crostini. What I loved was the creamy sauce, which turned out to be the highlight of the dish. The cottage cheese steak was well grilled and had an excellent texture.

Grilled Fish Steak

What I enjoyed was the fresh and soft fish which won my heart. The fish was topped with portofino sauce, which was slightly tangy and spicy. The potato mash served alongside was creamy and went well with the fish. The dish also had a portion of string beans. It was quite a soulful dish.

Beer Can Roast Chicken

Irish stout flavoured roast chicken was served with rosemary potatoes and sauted seasonal veggies. What I would appreciate is the huge portion. The two pieces were individually enough to satisfy a hungry person. The sauce was amazing and that was what stole the show. This was the most in demand among the bloggers and we had to order a second portion of this.

The Dual Chocolate Torte

What can be more sinful that a cake having layers of dark and white chocolate mousse? It looked amazing, and tasted heavenly. The texture was dense and moist. The cake was further drizzled with chocolate sauce, for the ultimate feeling. I’d love to order this, the next time I’m at The Irish House.

Overall, I stand speechless after sampling the specialities from the menu of The Irish House. Starting from the cocktails to the finger food and from the mains to the dessert, everything was picture perfect. The cocktails are sure to give you a hangover and there are enough munching options for you to enjoy with a glass of wine. The main course stood beyond my expectations and the dessert was undoubtedly the best.

Overall Verdict : Must Visit.

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