Jaisalmer – Experience Royal Dining !

Jaisalmer, the name, relates you to Rajasthan. A restaurant with this name in Kolkata might give you the chance to assume that you might find Rajasthani cuisine here. Well it’s not ! Jaisalmer specialises mostly in Awadhi and Mughlai dishes, which nowhere else in the vicinity prepares with such excellence. Jaisalmer, the term, signifies royalty and so does this place. Located in Globsyn Crystal, Sector 5, this place is definitely the best option if you’re looking for a family restaurant. The vibrant and colourful decor is something praiseworthy. The restaurant occupies two floors of the Globsyn building and can accomodate around 200 people at a time. The restaurant is designed with a big royal entrance which rightfully justifies the name, which has Rajasthani royalty in it. The designers have played wonderfully with colours. The colourful light, colour of the walls, cushions, tables and chairs will surely lift your mood and brighten up your day.

I was invited here for a bloggers meet. What I was looking forward was their delicious kebabs ! I’ve been here before and they were amazing. There was a wide range of different varieties of kebabs that were served to us and each of them turned out to be excellent !

Chicken Kasturi Kebab

The main spice, rather ingredient that goes into this kebab is a paste of dried fenugreek leaves. The chicken pieces were huge and well grilled. The soft and juicy chicken was a delight to have.

Fish Tikka

Being a bong, I personally have a soft corner towards fish. Hence fish kebabs never fail to impress me. This, too, turned out to be excellent. The soft delicate fish with a slightly burnt surface was a delight to have. If you love fish, this is a must try !

Mutton Adrak E Panje

You’d love to keep on admiring this. The mutton was a little chewy but it was so damn delicious ! The spicy ginger paste on the mutton was delectable and I loved this.

Chicken Lasuni Kebab

So, this was my favourite. These kebabs were huge in size and the essence of garlic was strong enough to close your eyes and make you feel the food. Yes, when I say this, I actually mean it. These were amazing and I’d love to go back to Jaisalmer for this !

Veg Nilgiri Seekh Kebab

This was prepared from a mash of spinach and pulses. The taste of this seekh kebab was quite different from the rest, due to the usage of pulses in it, which gave a somewhat crispy texture. Vegetarians would surely love this.

Mutton Seekh Kebab

Once again I fell in love with these. The seekh kebab did actually melt in my mouth and I was so happy with this that I couldn’t stop requesting for another serving.

Paneer Tikka

I’m not a fan of paneer kebabs. Being a hardcore non vegetarian, I rarely try out on vegetarian kebabs but this one surprisingly did impress me. The spicy coating on the panner was well done. This definitely deserves a try.

I was stuffed by the time I had helped myself with the kebabs. Moving on to the mains, I paired up the veg corn fried rice with fish in butter garlic sauce and chicken biryani with mutton rara Punjabi. Talking of the first pair, the veg corn fried rice was sweet and went well with the creamy gravy of the soft and delicate fish. It also went well with the spicy mutton side. The second pair was excellent. The biryani was light and flavourful. What I loved in it was the soft spicy potato and the soft chicken. The mutton, cooked with capsicums tasted great and complemented the biryani well.

Why Jaisalmer ?

• Beautiful place and vibrant ambience.

• Huge accomodation capacity.

• One of the rare family dining restaurants in Sector 5.

• Exceptional Mughlai cuisine.

• Cheap pricing.

Location :

Podium Level | Globsyn Crystal,
EP & GP Block, Sector – V,
Salt Lake, Kolkata: 700091

Meal for two : INR 800 Inclusive all taxes.

Overall Verdict : Must Visit !

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