Rose Shaped Chocolate Momos !

With the ongoing Valentine’s week, we can feel that love and romance is in the air. So, if you’ve not thought about the perfect idea to impress your partner this time, then Wow Momo has a tempting solution for you. She loves roses, she loves chocolates and like a tradition you must be planning to come up with a bunch of roses and a chocolate bar. But wait ! Why not try something different this time? Why not gift her a plate of ‘Rose shaped Chocolate Momo‘ which she can dig into and indulge in sinfully rich taste of chocolate !

I know you’re amazed to hear the concept of rose shaped chocolate momos. So was I when I came to know about this. Now imagine how pleased your loved one would be when a platter of rose will be served in front of her and most importantly she can dig in her fork and taste it !

Wow Momo presents to you the very own love filled innovation just to turn the Valentine’s Day of all the foodies an amazing one – the Rose shaped Chocolate Momo. This Valentine, indulge in the sinful delights of food love with your loved ones and make this day a ‘Wow’ one !

Wow Momo is a brand which has gone synonymous with innovation. Right from their inception, Wow Momo has gifted us new delights in the form of Moburgs, sizzler momos, Augratin momos and the most loved innovation, the chocolate momos. This Valentine, they have gone a step ahead with chocolate momos. The newly launched Rose shaped Chocolate Momo, is shaped like beautiful roses and is filled with chocolates for all the ‘Wow’ lovers – perfect for the Valentine’s season. These special momos are priced at ₹99 a plate ( the platter displayed above ) and are available at all the Wow Momo outlets from 11th to 19th February !

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