Latest destination for Asian Food !

Calcutta is no longer a hub for only Chinese food. Asian cuisine is steadily making its way into the food scene and has distinctly established itself as one of the most loved cuisines by Calcuttans. Since the last few years, Calcutta has seen the emergence of a number of Asian cuisine based restaurants. Let me guide you to the latest destination for Asian food in the city – Asia House !

Asia House is located on of the lanes near Southern Avenue, which can be reached on walking along the lane adjacent to Jugals. I was invited here for a bloggers meet. The ground floor of a building has been converted into a restaurant, which is quite similar for majority restaurants in and around Southern Avenue. The ambience is pretty simple but what calls for your attention is the rugged, old-school decor. The restaurant has a seating capacity of around 25 people and the seats are arranged in a proper way.

The owners had already prepared a set menu for the bloggers meet which included the specialities of their restaurant. We initially settled for a fresh lime soda which was followed by the soups !

Soups :

Shanghai Hawkers Soup

This was my kind of soup. When I say this I mean I loved it to the core. The soup was frothy and loaded with minced chicken, tofu, bokchoy, mushrooms and burnt garlic. So, if you’re a fan of clear soups and not the spicy or flavoured ones, then this one’s a must a try !

Vietnamese Pho

Pho soup is one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes. This was also a clear soup but unlike the previous one, this was spicy due to the presence of red chillies. The soup was loaded with minced chicken, rice noodles, bean sprouts, coriander, red onions, basil and lime.

Starters :

Jiangs Pan Fried Chilli Chicken

Sliced chicken was pan fried with assorted pepper, roasted chillies and star anise. This was well done and a special mention goes to the usage of star anise whose strong flavour was balanced perfectly throughout the entire dish. It wasn’t much spicy and had a tinge of sweetness.

Pla Sad Takrai

Sliced fish was fried to absolute crispness and tossed with lemongrass, thai herbs, bird’s eye chillies and coriander. Firstly, the softness and overall texture of the fish was really impressive. Secondly, the flavour of lemongrass and the other thai herbs and spices were well balanced and imparted an amazing taste to the fish.

Chicken Sui Mai

My love for momos, dumplings or sui mai is never ending ! These are always my weakness. Here also, the sui mai didn’t fail to impress me. The flour wrapper was thin and the minced chicken stuffing inside tasted great. The coriander and chilli oil dip was light and went well with the sui mai.

Main course :

Surprisingly the staples in the mains scored much higher than the sides. Not that the sides were bad, they were indeed good but the staples were out of the world.

Khao Pad Kratiem with Sliced Fish in Chefs Secret Sauce

The rice looked dull but it actually turned out to be the highlight of the entire main course. It had a light and sublte flavour. Its aroma was amazing. It was loaded with eggs and burnt garlic. I paired it up with sliced fish. The fish was soft and succulent and went well with it. Also the chicken side dish went well with this rice.

Chilli Garlic Noodles with Khao Pad Krapow

It won’t be wrong if I rate this to be the best Chilli Garlic Noodles I’ve tasted so far in the city ! Yes, when I say that I actually mean it. Do give it a try and you’d know why I said so. The noodles were thin and loaded with fried egg and veggies. It was simply out of the world. It was so different from the chilli garlic noodles I’m used to having. I paired it up with the spicy chicken side which was loaded with thai hot chillies, herbs and basil sauce.

Chicken Khaoswey

Firstly, I would say that it looked beautiful. Even it looked better than the picture I’ve put above. Since one portion serves two and we were already full, we suggested for a half portion which is for one person. I would say the Khaoswey wasn’t an authentic one but it was actually very taste. I almost finished the whole of it with a completely full stomach. It was loaded with huge portions of minced chicken, steamed noodles, burnt garlic, veggies, fried noodles and coriander.

Desserts :

Darsaan with Vanilla ice cream

This is quite a normal dessert available in all Chinese or Asian based restaurants. Over here, the darsaan was good as well !

Fried Ice cream

I would advise, rather order to not leave Asia House without trying this dessert ! It was amazing and perfectly done. The fried coconut covering was thin and crispy. The vanilla ice cream inside went well with the crispy outer covering. Honey and chocolate sauce, which were drizzled from top, added to its taste. This is definitely one of the best dishes I would recommend to you at this place !

Overall Verdict : Must Visit !

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