Time to get Roasted !

Kolkata’s latest destination for meat lovers happens to be Roast, Gariahat. Roast stands at the same place where Rubi’s Grill used to be. I was invited here for a bloggers meet. I was quite excited since I’m a big fan of roasted meat and this place excels in that ! The ambience is very homely. The seating area is mostly on the ground floor. The mezzanine floor is mostly for large groups. Now let’s get into details on the food that was served to us !

Starters :-

Spicy chilly Pork

The first dish that reached our table stood beyond our expectations. The pork meat was finely chopped and was perfectly soft and juicy.

Pulled pork burger

The Burger was served with fries and tomato salsa. The Burger was huge and filling. The bread was moist. The stuffing was very delicious.

Beef burger

This was as good as the previous one. The juicy beef stuffing was indeed commendable. The sides were similar.

Fish and chips

The fish was fresh, soft and juicy. I fell in love with its texture and taste. The sides were fries and mayo.

Baked potato stuffed with mozzarella and bacon

This was quite innovative. The baked potato stuffing with mozzarella cheese inside the thick layer of bacon tasted out of the world. I believe this to be their speciality and is highly recommended.

Roasted chicken wrapped with bacon

What could be better than this ! The bacon and chicken seemed to melt in my mouth. The bacon was juicy and the sauce used was excellent !

Main course :-
BBQ pork ribs

The pork ribs were soft and juicy. The quantity was commendable and came along with fries. What wasn’t good was the overspicy sauce which was used.

Grilled pork chops

The pork chops were well done. It came with mashed potato and veggies. The texture of the meat was quite nice.

Tenderloin cheese steak

The tenderloin was amazingly soft so as to melt in my mouth. However the meat was over grilled which imparted a somewhat burnt flavour to the dish.

Chicken cheese steak

The chicken steak was huge. It was topped with a thick layer of cheese and came with mashed potato and veggies. The chicken was soft and juicy. Loved it.

Bacon and beef pizza

The pizza had a thin crust and was very good in taste. The most commendable thing was the topping which is unexpectedly huge in quantity !

Chicken cordon bleu

Once again the chicken had an excellent texture. The proper usage of cheese enhanced the taste quite a lot. This is definitely a must have over here.

Desserts :-

Blueberry Cheesecake

The cheesecake was well done with the proper amount of sweetness. The blueberry compote on top was well done and tasted heavenly.

Apple pie

This was a sheer delight. The delicious apple pie with vanilla ice cream tasted out of the world. This combination is something you’d definitely love ordering again and again

Overall Verdict : Must Visit !

Roast Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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