Launch of Hoppipola, Mani Square !

Be it a party or some celebration, Hoppipola has always been my first choice. When I got the news of them opening up a new outlet in the city, I got super excited which was doubled when I received an invitation for a bloggers meet there, organised by Quote. Unquote.

The new outlet in Mani Square, on its top floor, is amazingly done. The seating space is huge. The dimly lit ambience goes with the theme. The white chairs with blue cushions add to the beauty of the place. On top of the tables on the side of the wall, are hung bird cages containing a light bulb. The ceiling is similar to the one you would find in a factory or warehouse. On one side of the wall, there are colourful miniature houses and decorative shrubs. At the centre, there is a circular book shelf as well. So, the place itself is built with numerous elements. Now let’s go into the details on the dishes I had there !

Cocktails ( Hoppi Specials )

Bird Cage

This drink came in a pink bucket enclosed within a bird cage ! The quantity is 1000 ml and is enough for four persons. It was an interesting mix of white rum, orange liquor, pineapple chunks, hazelnut, kiwi and pomegranate. The subtle fruit flavour was quite dominating. This is one of the specialities in the Acropolis outlet and it was good to see that they have retained the similar taste over here

Blood Bank

I won’t exaggerate but if you visit hoppi and don’t have this, it would be a sin for sure ! An inverted bottle containing blood ( the drink actually ) was connected via thin tubes to a 100ml conical flask. There is a switch to adjust the amount of liquid flowing. Pour it into the flask and enjoy ! This was a mix of Bacardi, Kaffir lime, ginger, cranberry juice and pomegranate juice. The quantity might fall short to your lust for such blood 😀 The flavours were exotic and I’d love to be vampire if blood be so tasty :p

Pom & Pop

Pom stands for pomegranate while Pop is for Popcorn. The drink comes with a conical container consisting of popcorns in a swirling bucket. Snack and drink is all it wants to say ! The drink was an interesting mix of white rum, pomegranate juice, pineapple chunks and tonic. I enjoyed its lovely flavour while munching the popcorns.

Edible Shots


Now who would imagine shots coming in Oreo biscuits rather than in shot glasses? Oreo biscuits are stuffed with a mixture of dark rum and condensed milk. There’s no better way to get high after having this one !

Café Neto

This one’s for the cone artist ! The shots come in biscuit cones which are stuffed with vodka, nutella and coffee. The last part of the cone containing the liquid is definitely going to make you high !


Chicken Trilogy

So here comes another speciality from the previous outlet, whose flavour and texture have been retained successfully. There are three different sauces used to grill the chicken whose colours represent our national flag. My favourite is definitely the white one !

Flaky Fried Prawns

Want to munch something really great with your drinks? I bet you won’t get a better option than this. The prawns were deep fried and served with a spicy mayo dip. They were absolutely crisp and juicy. We were almost fighting till the last piece of the prawn

Hot Truffle Shrimps with Bao

The shrimps are cooked in a butter and garlic flavoured gravy, served with two steamed buns ! The gravy was light yet tasty, and the prawns juicy and succulent. If you are looking for a light option to fill up your tummy, go for this one !

Kosha Mangsho Bao

I feel for a short of words to describe this. I being a Bong have a genuine weakness towards kosha mangsho but that’s not the only reason why my taste buds surrendered before the flavours of this amazing dish. The spicy mutton pieces were stuffed within steamed buns and finally garnished with chopped onions, tomatoes and coriander leaves. The mutton was amazingly soft and juicy. The irresistible flavour was something to die for. I can’t say any more of this as my mouth has already started watering ! Rush to hoppipola and try this out !

Mains :

Aglio e Olio Pasta with shrimps and chicken

In the preparation of this pasta, spaghetti is tossed with sauted minced garlic in olive oil, along with red chilli flakes. The quantity was good with generous portions of chicken and shrimps. The spaghetti was well boiled and tasted great. This couldn’t have been better. Overall this was a commendable dish !

Cilantro chicken with mash and Paprika Sauce

The chicken was marinated with a coriander ( cilantro ) mash and grilled. The texture was great as was its taste. However the paprika sauce was quite bland and failed to impress me. The sides were mashed potato and grilled veggies !

Grilled Fish with Gondhoraj Lime Reduction

Fish and Gondhoraj lemon is one of favourite combos. Infact the combo is deadly ! Here, these two elements didn’t work that well as expected. However the fish was fresh and soft. It came with fried potatoes, buttered rice and veggies


Phily Cheese Cake

This was the best cheese cake I ever had ! And I can say that with complete confidence. The texture, the flavour and everything else were just perfect ! The cheesecake was soft, creamy and thick. The amount of cheese wasn’t very high and the sweet factor was quite low so that one person can easily finish the whole of it without a palate cleanser. But one? I almost had two cheese cakes. The berry compote on top was rich, creamy and very well done. I genuinely never expected a place, which excels in their cocktail section, to excel in their dessert section as well. If not the cocktails, the phily Cheese Cake would definitely be the reason of my further visits !

Overall Verdict : Visit ASAP !

PS – All the pictures have been clicked by Oendrila De

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