Banana Leaf opens at Bhawanipur !

​South Indian cuisine is one of the most loved in Kolkata. There are many restaurants all over the city which serve the basic south indian options. My favourite among these restaurants is the famous ‘Banana Leaf’. In search of authentic south indian food, I had visited the outlet near Lake Market and from then onwards, this place had always been on the top of my list. Recently, they’ve opened their new branch at Bhawanipur which happens to be the third installment to the series. My visit to this new branch happened through an invitation for a bloggers meet. Let’s get into details.

Not as large as the one at Lake Market, but this branch happens to have an accommodation capacity of around 40 people at a time. The interiors are simple and homely. The owner was welcoming and hospitable as were the staff, who gave efficient service throughout. The food was prepared fresh and came to our tables piping hot. Let’s have a look on what were served to us.

Mini Idly

The mini idlys were soft and fluffy. An added dash of desi ghee proved to be really efficient. I also wanted to try the normal idly which was out of the menu and it was indeed amazing !

Sada vada

The urad dal varas were crispy and steaming hot. They came with a side of sambar and coconut chutney. It was really a great option to start off a full-fledged meal. 

Masala Dosa

I was surprised to see the size. It was really huge in length ! The texture was amazingly crispy and the spicy mashed potato stuffing inside was good too. 

Mysore Dosa

This dosa was lined with a layer of Mysore masala, which is a paste of tomato, coconut, chilli and garlic. The flavours were on spot ! This was amazing and quite new to me. 

Dhania Dosa

Dhania and Pudina leaves were grated into a paste, mixed with spices and spread on the dosa batter while cooking. The dosa was spicy and tasty. Since I’m quite a fan of dhania Dosa, I enjoyed it !

Uttapam Platter 

Five mini uttapams with distinct flavours like tomato, cashew, onion, potato and normal were served in a single plate along with sides. Each of the five uttapams in the platter was good, though my favourites were the potato and the one with cashews.


I had never tasted an iddyappam before. So I was pretty anxious to try this out as soon as I noticed this on the menu. Rice flour is pressed into noodle form and then steamed. I came with a spicy onion gravy to complement it. The iddyappams were amazing as was the onion gravy. 

Cheese Onion Rava Dosa

Dosa with cheese happens to double my craving for south indian everytime ! This one was excellent with a thick layer of onion and cheese. It tasted lovely. You won’t even need to try out the sides with each bite into the dosa. 

Rava Kesari

We happen to call it suji halwa as well. This one was a perfect dessert to our heavy meal. The halwa was rich with ghee and dry fruits and was low on sweetness. I enjoyed having the whole of it with a completely filled stomach.

Why Banana Leaf ?

• Posh location – next to Bhawanipur PS.
• Fresh and authentic food
• Properly priced with a low pocket pinch
• The ambience is perfect for a family dinner.
• Efficient service.

Overall Verdict : Must Visit !

 Banana Leaf Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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