Winter Menu at The Orient 

​Who doesn’t want the current year to come to an end in an exotic way and welcome the coming year much more exotically? This, definitely is what every foodie wants ! In case you wish the same, then rush to the Orient, City centre 2, to try its amazing winter special Oriental spread which ranges from poultry to seafood and lots more. The people of Kolkata are kinda crazy about Oriental and when it comes to authentic oriental dishes cooked with exotic meat, a miss would be foolish !



American corn / Baby corn salt and pepper with fresh herb (China) … 250

Wok fried peppered cottage cheese, mushroom and asparagus in black pepper sauce (China) … 350 

Crisp potato fingers (China)… 200

Fujian crispy spring roll with basil (China) … 250

Chilli garlic honey lotus root (China) … 250

Assorted mushroom takrai (Thailand) … 350 

Crispy broccoli with chilli plum sauce (China) … 300

and Seafood

Crisp Octopus, shrimp, fish and calamari Takrai style (Thailand) … 550 

Balachaung kyaw – Crisp fried deep fried shrimps, crushed chilli, shallot and garlic seasoned with touch of fish sauce (Burma)… 450 

Yu xiang spiced king prawns with nut (China) … 650

Sliced fish with roasted chili and Sichuan pepper (China) … 450

Crispy pomfret with chilli and lemon grass (Thailand) … 500

Prawns wrapped in bacon, marinated with sesame and Japanese spices (Japan) … 650


Gai sai takrai with Thai herbs (Thailand) … 400 

Crispy chicken pepper salt (China) … 400

Mongolian Phoenix wings (Mongolia) … 300

Chicken satay with peanut butter sauce (Indonesia) … 400

Dry cooked chicken chilli ginger and soya (China) … 400



Roasted sliced lamb with pak choi and mushroom (Hong Kong) … 450

Sliced roasted lamb with snow peas and Chinese barbecue sauce …450

Pork Rib in red barbecue sauce (China) … 450

Chilli pork with chillies and onion (China) … 450

Double cooked sliced pork with shimeji, pak choi and 5 spiced Shaoxing sauce (China) … 450

sum vegetarian  


Broccoli pine nut dim sum (China) – HF … 250

Greens – snow peas beans broccoli pak choi and other greens (China) …250

Spice coriander and vegetable su-long bao (China) – HF … 200

sum nonvegetarian 


Chicken sui mai (China) … 275

Spicy Sichuan chicken siu long bao (China) … 275

Prawn zucchini hargow (China) … 400

Steamed slices of duck bao (China) … 350

& Soups (Vegetarian)


Raw Papaya, Tofu, Soya Nuggets & Peanuts in Spicy Sambal Dressing (Indonesia) … 250

Yum Woon Sen glass noodle salad – HF (Thailand) … 250
Tom yam soup (Thailand) … 175

Man chow – Spicy tangy soup with fried noodles (China) … 175

Hot and sour soup with black mushroom and bean curd (China) … 200

Sweet corn soup (China)… 200

Po taek clear soup with lemon juice, fresh chilli, wanton and Thai herbs veg … 200

& Soups Nonvegetarian

Chicken, prawns, Papaya, Tofu, Soya Nuggets & Peanuts in Spicy Sambal Dressing (Indonesia) … 300

Yum Woon Sen glass noodle salad with chicken / duck – HF (Thailand) … 275 / 325

Thai seafood salad – Fish, shrimp, calamari and octopus (Thailand) … 350

Tom yam soup choice of prawn or chicken (Thailand) … 225

Man chow – Spicy tangy soup with fried noodles and chicken (China) … 225

Po tak clear soup with lemon juice, fresh chilli, chicken and Thai herbs … 225

Hot and sour soup with black mushroom and bean curd (China) … 225

Sweet corn soup with chicken (China)… 225

One Pot Meals


Thai Green / Red Curry – with choice of prawn / fish / chicken / mushroom asparagus and vegetables, served with rice (Thailand) … 600/475/450/400

American crisp noodles / rice with choice of prawn / fish / chicken / mushroom asparagus and vegetables, Hunan style (China)… 600/475/450/400 

Saigon bowl – Vietnamese pork / chicken / vegetables marinated in black pepper and garlic with rice vermicelli noodles tossed in scallion oil… 525 / 450 / 400

Rendang curry with pork / chicken / lamb / veg – Thick Thai coconut of Persian origin with potatoes and onions… 525 / 450 / 525 / 400

Course Vegetarian


Sichuan mapo tofu (China) … 400 

Stir fried Asian greens with mild garlic (China) … 350

Baby corn broccoli and water chestnut with sambal oelek (Java) … 300

 Java tofu marinated with Indonesian sambal, with asparagus, served with Jasmine rice (Java) … 450

China town cottage cheese with crunchy beans in ginger flavoured sauce (Indochina)… 350

Stir fried pak choi and water chestnut with cashew nut (China) … 400

Assorted mushroom in black bean sauce (China)… 400

Stir fried potatoes, shimeji, and shiitake in gulian chilli sauce (China)… 350

Main Course Non Vegetarian


Seafood and Fish


Prawn in garlic sauce with mushroom, water chestnut and spring onion (Thailand) …650

Wok tossed prawns with garlic and XO sauce (Hong Kong)… 625

Singapore chilli crab with wine (Singapore) … 500 

Crispy fish, sweet and sour, with cashew nut and bell pepper (China) … 450

Pan fried fish with Szechwan pepper, rice wine and cabbage (China) … 450

Sautéed crisp fish with garlic pepper sauce (China) … 450

Java Grilled fish marinated with Indonesian sambal sauce, with asparagus and served with jasmine rice … 450

Rangoon spiced pomfret with Spices (Myanmar) … 600



Stir fried chicken with assorted mushroom and ginger sauce (China) … 425

Chilli chicken Tangra style gravy (Kolkata Chinese) … 425

Shredded chicken with black pepper sauce (China) … 425

Ayam Hijua – chicken with green pepper sauce (Indonesia) … 425 

Chicken supreme with chilli oyster and energi mushroom (Singapore) … 425

Spiced Asian barbecue chicken breast with Thai herbs and chillies (Thailand)… 425

Aromatic duck with chilli hoisin sauce / Tamarind glaced with Thai red curry (China / Thailand) … 550



Braised lamb in kecap manis (Java) … 475

Double cooked ginger lamb with lotus roots (Burma) … 475 

Lamb in chilli and Hoisin sauce (China) … 475

Babi kecap – sliced pork in rice wine sauce (Indonesia) … 475

Stir fry black pepper pork rib with pak choi and shemijji mushroom (China)… 475



Steam Rice … 150

Ginger and pepper fried rice (China) with choice of shrimp /fish / chicken/vegetable (China) … 275/250/225/200 

Nasi goring – Indonesian fried rice with shrimp, fried eggs, chicken satay, peanut sauce & chilli sambal … 450 

Chilli basil fried rice (thai) with choice of shrimp /fish / chicken/vegetable (China) … 275/250/225/200

Roasted almond and corn rice wrapped in lotus leaf with choice of shrimp /fish / chicken/vegetable (China) … 300/275/250/225 



With choice of shrimp / fish / lamb /chicken / vegetable 

Soft fried noodles (China) … 300/275/265/255/220

Stir fried XO udon noodles (Japan) … 380/370/360/345/330 

Wok fried noodle (China) … 300/275/265/255/220

Paad Thai – stir fried rice noodles with beans sprout and peanut (Thailand) … 360/340/330/320/295 

Hakka noodle or chili garlic or Sichuan (China) … 300/275/265/255/220

Bali bamie noodles – Indonesian sweet soy sambal tossed hakka style … 300/275/265/255/220

Singapore spicy Vermicelli noodles … 300/275/265/255/220



Deep fried ice cream, chilli chocolate dribbles … 225 

Crispy fried Chinese noodles honey, sesame and vanilla ice cream … 200

Hot melting chocolate pudding with wasabi ice cream… 200

Thai coconut milk and palm sugar custard, coconut ice cream … 225 

Ice cream of the day … 175

Sesame Date Fudge Spring Rolls, green coconut Ice Cream … 200

: The festival will continue till 18th January 2017 from 12:30pm to 10:30pm daily

Pricing : ₹1400 for two.

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