Bloggers Meet at Mumbai Local !

​How about spending some time in Mumbai, while staying in Kolkata itself? Well, Mumbai Local gives you this amazing opportunity where you’d be riding on a local train of Mumbai and enjoying Mumbai’s famous street food. What more do you want? Talking of my experience, this place did definitely gift me with some amazing food and hospitality, which along with their quirky decor did create an amazing evening ! Let’s get into details.

My visit to Mumbai Local happened via an invitation for a bloggers meet. I would initially talk of the decor. As I stepped inside, the colourful decor did lift up my food. The red, black and yellow chairs are a great combination with the white background. The walls depict some quirky scenes – like people sitting on a beach, some popular Bollywood faces, people struggling to get into an already packed up local train, etc. The first floor shows some of the prominent buildings in Mumbai. Along the walls on the side of the staircase that leads to the first floor are stuck newspapers of some the oldest days, depicting articles which we had come across in the pages of history !

A long list of food and drinks were served to us that evening.


Lights Camera Action

You must be thinking what connection can a drink have with shooting ! Well the answer arrives with the drink. It’s not served in a glass. To make it more quirky, it is served in a camera lens ! The drink was similar to a masala cola with a pinch of lime and a subtle flavour of ginger. It was impressive and went well with the mood.

Raapchik raspberry 

The drink is served in a bottle, which is curved near the neck. It had sweetness of raspberry and an amount of spice, which was an interesting combination of flavours. 

Chowpatty Gola

Who doesn’t love gola? They have three amazing flavours – kala khatta, litchi Kaffir lime and strawberry. Kala khatta is my all time favourite but this time I was anxious to try out the litchi Kaffir lime. And it turned out to be excellent with the sweetness of litchi juice.


Chowpatty Pani Puri

Mumbai’s street food is incomplete if there’s no Pani Puri ! Crispy Pani puris stuffed with mashed potato and peas were as usual pleasing to the taste buds. Out of the two types of liquids that came with it, I preferred the tamarind juice !

Mumbaicha Vada Pav

I loved this ! The pav buns are black, which in general isn’t done using any artificial colour. They are burnt in charcoal, which imparts a black colouration and additionally a smoky taste ! The buns were stuffed with spicy fried potato filing. One bite into the vada pav and it tasted amazing ! This one’s definitely recommend from the menu.

Truffle cheese dosa

The dosa was perfectly crispy and had a generous amount of cheese smeared on it. In its centre was placed a lump of mushroom topped with grated cheese. The dosa tasted great with the juicy mushrooms and cheese. We also had the Maggi and schezwan dosa, among which the schezwan dosa turned to be my favourite. 

Dhobi Ghat Chana Bhatura

The presentation was beyond imagination ! A rope was tied in a stretching manner on two sticks, planted on a grassy field. Bhaturas were hung vertically from the rope with clips just like a dhobi hungs washed clothes from a rope ! This looked incredible. The Chana masala was spicy and went well with the bhaturas. 

Berry Nu Pulao

The pulao was mixed with caramelised onions, nuts and dried berries. It was sweet and tasted unique. This surely deserves a try.

Rustoms favourite Dhansak

This was served in the multicase tiffin box which people are used to carrying their office. Caramelised onion rice was complemented by a Parsi curry containing fresh vegetables and lentils. The combo was quite an interesting one !

Mudh Island

After the stunning presentation of the Chana bhatura, I was ready for Anything! But Mumbai local managed to surprise me again when the dessert came in a tree trunk. Yes, a miniature tree trunk ! Brownie, nuts and dry fruits were stuffed inside the huge trunk. It came along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce ! Mix them in the trunk and enjoy ! That did define the term ‘heaven’ appropriately. 

Overall, Mumbai local will certainly take you on a ride to Mumbai by its food and ambience. Being a hardcore non-vegetarian, I actually fell in love with their food inspite of the fact that they serve ‘pure veg’ ! Their faadu items and the parsi dishes are excellent and are a must try for foodies. 

Verdict : Must Visit !

 Mumbai Local Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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