Bloggers Meet over the Launch of Genuine Broaster Chicken !

Genuine Broaster Chicken, the famous American brand, has recently made its way into the city of joy, after successfully launching in Mumbai, Raipur and Surat. This brand is very famous for the innovative technique of ‘broasting’ chicken. I was really excited when Genuine Broaster Chicken did tie up Yellow Tie Hospitality for their launch in India and was eagerly waiting for the brand to open up in Kolkata. The outlet in Kolkata on London Street marked its official opening on 23rd November. I was invited there for a bloggers meet on 26th November. Let’s get into details.

The place has a typical old school American decor. The space in the ground floor is quite small. A narrow staircase leads to the main dining area on the first floor. The menu is quite interesting. It’s completely based on Indo-American fusion cuisine, which is quite rare to find in the city. It was good to see that they have revamped the menu for India. 

I initially started with their fried chicken. They rather call it ‘broasted’ chicken. Now what does that term mean? The chicken is deep fried in a pressure fryer, which makes it more crispy, juicy and flavourful. Of course, the oil content is much less than the fried chicken at other places. Going by the name, they have named this technique as ‘broasting’. 

The fried chicken came in three variants – Classic Broaster Chicken, Happy Fried Chicken and Hot Masala Chicken. My favourite was definitely the Hot Masala Chicken. It was amazingly crispy and spicy. The juiciness of the chicken was an additional thing I loved. This was irresistible and I couldn’t stop munching it. The Hot Masala Chicken definitely deserves a try !

Among the drinks, Chul Bul and Bul Bul sounded quite quirky. Since I prefer coke over fanta, I liked Chul Bul more than Bul Bul on personal grounds. Chul Bul is basically masala coke while Bul Bul is an orange flavoured soda based drink. 

Next came the burgers. I opted for the special variants – schezwan noodles Burger and lamb rogan josh Burger. The noodles Burger was innovative where the buns were stuffed with noodles tossed in schezwan sauce and fried chicken sticks. The lamb Burger was my favourite. The patty was that of cooked lamb. It was placed inside two moist buns, along with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The patty was excellent. It was spicy and juicy. The fact that the Burger was coloured red, made it look more interesting. For non-vegetarians, this is undoubtedly the best option. 

With an almost full stomach, I somewhat managed to try the Ghotala Khichdi, which they claimed as their speciality and indeed it was. Btw, who would generally order a plate of Khichdi at Broaster Chicken? But I’d suggest you to do so. The quantity is appreciable and the khichdi itself is a wholesome meal with boneless lamb chunks, chicken keema and fried egg strips. I was really taken aback by its amazing flavour – low on oil yet high on taste. Meat was added in generous amounts and that made it much more amazing. 

I ended my meal with Chocolate samosa with Mango Ice cream. A mini samosa stuffed with liquid chocolate was placed over a scoop of mango ice cream. The samosa was crispy and you’re supposed to use it as a spoon to draw out ice cream from the scoop, so that mango and chocolate hit your taste buds at the same time. The fusion of hot chocolate and frozen mango ice cream created an interesting flavour. 

Overall, Genuine Broaster Chicken is definitely a good option to hog on some colourful burgers, fried chicken and a few Indo-American fusion dishes. They will very soon expand to other sections of Kolkata. Looking forward to my next visit at Genuine Broaster Chicken.

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