Launch of Hi-Tea at Dèlices !

La Maison Des DèlicesPâtisserie and Bistro is one of the finest European style cafe in the city of joy ! A breakfast or some snacking at the patisserie or a lunch or dinner at the dinning section inside is sure to give you both visual pleasure as well as a taste of exoticness. The sort of ambience this place holds can definitely be found nowhere in Kolkata. I was invited here for a bloggers meet over the launch of HiTea ! Let’s go into details.

Ambience :

I was actually startled with the decor as I stepped in. The walls of the patisserie section is interestingly decorated with objects used in cooking. The dining section inside is huge and lavish ! The chessboard styled floor, the paintings, the curtains, the chairs and obviously the chandeliers present an amazing decor, which goes with the European theme of the place. 

What is HiTea ?

Dèlices has brought into the present the British custom of having afternoon tea, which they have named as HiTea

Whats on plate ?

Dèlices just won’t serve you a cup of tea or coffee. They have designed a complete platter which will come with the beverage. Tea will come in three options – Darjeeling Tea, Green Tea or Classic Assam Tea. Coffee, too has three variants – Black Coffee, Cappuccino or Cafè Latte. One can choose either between tea or coffee and any one among the variants !

The rest of the platter is exotic and something I loved to admire. Two colourful plates were arranged one above the other in a row, joined to a rod ! The top plate includes three different desserts/pastries/sweets, with two from each variant. The plate at the bottom, similarly has three different savouries, with two from each variant. So, there will six sweet items and six savouries and hence a total of twelve small bites, which can be enjoyed with a cup of tea/coffee.

The platters we tried.

Platter 1.

The sweet bites included red velvet cupcakes with pastry cream, strawberry mousse cake, chocolate tarts. The red velvet cupcake was undoubtedly the best, the courtesy of which goes to its amazing texture and flavour. The strawberry mousse was light, fluffy and tasty. The chocolate tart had a soft and crispy base followed by a dense chocolate cream on top !

Among the savouries in it, I enjoyed the potato and leeks sliders and the sausage roll. The slider was crispy and the stuffing inside was hot and spicy. The sausage roll was small in size ( to meet up with the portion size of the other elements ) but was quite good. 

Platter 2

The sweeter options were once again the red velvet cupcakes, almond tarts and walnut brownie. The almond tart was excellent. The almonds were coated with caramelised sugar and the overall thing was crispy and tasty ! The brownie was also a good one. 

Among the savouries, what won my heart was the vol-au-vents with mushroom ragout. The mushroom stuffing was superb and so amazing that I found the flavour of the chicken sausage to fade before it !

Platter 3

This included the walnut brownie, lemon tarts and brandy snap cigars with hazelnut cream and roasted almonds. The cigars were filled with hazelnut cream. As I took a bite, the cream just oozed out and filled my mouth with a magical flavour. The lemon tart was excellent. 

Among the savouries I loved the tuna salad, which came in a tart and tasted great !

Apart from the ones in the platter, we also tried some more savouries and pastries, specially prepared by the chef. 

Whats important ?

• The HiTea Platter consisting of twelve items and a cup of tea or coffee is priced at INR 275 all inclusive and is available daily from 3pm to 7pm

• The sweet items and savouries in the platter are placed by the chef in a random order and there is no such fixed elements for a particular platter. In case you want to try out some particular elements, don’t forget to put your preferences before placing the order. 

Overall Verdict : Must Visit !

 La Maison Des Délices Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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