Winter Hotties at Au Bon Pain !

​Winter has almost arrived and Au Bon Pain is geared up with its New Menu. Does this place need any introduction? Well, Au Bon Pain, situated in Park Street, is probably everyone’s first preference for a breakfast or an hangout over a cup of coffee. I was invited here for a bloggers meet organised by Bang In The Middle, on the occasion of Au Bon Pain‘s launch of their special winter menu, which has been named as ‘Winter Hotties‘.

The new menu is quite long and diverse which includes breakfast platters, flavoured teas, startwich, salads, flavour burst and desserts. I started with the strawberry bubble tea. The tea was fragrant and quite nice, with proper sweetness. What I loved about the tea were the strawberry bubbles which when bursted in my mouth, created magic ! I’m quite sure you never have had anything of this sort. So, just go and grab your bubble tea !

Next I tried the non veg platter. This included egg and pesto on crossiant, along with chicken sausages, chopped fruits with a side option for cappuccino or fresh juice. The way the platter was displayed was quite fascinating. The sausages were juicy and well done. The crossiant was also good but I would have appreciated the use of a pinch of salt on the egg, so that it won’t taste much bland as it did. 

The harvest chicken salad didn’t fail to impress me. Grilled chicken was mixed with balsamic tahini, roasted spiced pumpkin, feta cheese, roasted almonds and pumpkin seeds on assorted greens. The flavours were on spot. The amount of chicken was generous and they were quite juicy. The assortments were very wisely chosen. The salad overall deserves a try.

The Egg Start Wich unexpectedly turned to be my favourite. I can’t explain how much I loved munching into this ! Roasted veggies with egg, corn and mozzarella were stuffed with red pepper paste. One bite into the start wich and I knew I can’t stop having this. The combo of egg, cheese and juicy corns was an amazing match. This is surely the very first thing you are going to try from the new menu, otherwise which visiting Abp might sound futile.

flavour burst was again a great option. Grilled chicken fillet with mango peri peri was stuffed with emmental cheese, spinach and pickled red onions. The thick chicken fillet was well cooked and tasted nice with the stuffing. The crispness of the bread followed by the sweet and spicy thick chicken fillet inside is sure to impress you !

Among the sweeter options, I tried out the monkey bread, Dark lava meltdown and chocolate fantasy. The Monkey bread looked quirky. It was a simple crispy cinnamon bread. The dark lava meltdown was sinful. It tasted great. However, the portion of chocolate sauce inside it can be increased. Chocolate fantasy was a wheat and coconut cookie with one side of chocolate. You’d definitely enjoy having this over a cup of coffee. 

Overall, the Winter Hotties menu at Au Bon Pain have been very wisely planned. There are a lot of breakfast and snacking options which you’d definitely enjoy having. My favourite in the whole lot was the egg Start Wich whose texture and flavour seemed unparallel. I’m looking forward to my next visit at Au Bon Pain !

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