Hawaiian Fest at The Drunken Monkey !

The Drunken Monkey is one of its kind in the entire city. Located in the ground floor of 02 Hotel, this place has a very quirky ambience. My previous visit to this place was quite an enjoyable one, where I fell in love with their cocktails. This time my visit to The Drunken Monkey happened through an invitation for a bloggers meet, for their Hawaiian Fest. Let’s get into details.

The Hawaiian Fest has already started ! It was live from the 23rd of November and is scheduled to end on 4th of December. The bloggers meet was organised on 23rd November from 7pm onwards. As I stepped in, a huge monkey decorated with flowers welcomed me in ! The entire place was designed in Hawaiian theme.The bar was well decorated and  the live music was perfect for the food and drinks that followed next. 

I started with their signature LIITs. These had three variants. The Drunken monkey special, with tequila, vodka, gin, Malibu and whiskey was the stole the show. The flavour was undoubtedly the best among the LIITs. The Double Trouble had wild spirit and coke. Cucumber Cool Blast was a combo of gin, vodka, rum, t-sec and tequila. This was light and went well with me. 
The food menu for the Hawaiian Festival was long and diverse.

Salads :

Hawaiian Pineapple Lemon and Cucumber Salad had sliced pineapple and Cucumber with black olives and cherry tomatoes with lemon dressing. The sweetness of the pineapple and the citrus flavour of lemon was quite an interesting one. 

Prawn Hawaiian salad had juicy prawns, bell peppers, olives and pineapples with mayonnaise dressing. This was presented in a martini glass and looked stunning. The prawns were juicy and succulent. The flavour of pineapple was quite dominant throughout. This was definitely one of my favourites in the festival menu. 

Starters :

Bacon Wrap Pineapple had pineapple slices wrapped into bacon fillets and grilled. The juiciness of the pineapple went well with the texture and flavour of the bacon fillets. The pineapples weren’t sweet, which was the major turning point of the dish. They were well spiced and tasted great. 

Main course :

BBQ Crab with Chick Pea Mash and Grilled Veggies impressed me to the core. The crab meat was cooked with Cajun spices and came inside the crab shell. The sight of the huge crab will definitely make your taste buds tickle ! The crab meat was spicy and tasted good. It came with a side of chick pea and potato mash, along with grilled veggies. 

Apart from the festival menu, let me mention a few of my favourites from the menu, curated for the bloggers meet.

Assorted bruschetta came in four varieties – mushroom,  sun-dried tomato, bell peppers and fresh tomato. The bread was crispy with sufficient toppings on top. My favourites were the mushroom and the bell pepper ones.

Germany ( Brat Kartoffein ) was a lovely dish. Initially the idea of having potatoes with bacon won’t please you. So just take a bite and you won’t regret. The potatoes were spiced with pepper and bacon sliced into small sections were sprinkled on top of it. The soft boiled potatoes with the bacon pieces tasted excellent !

Pizza Pazza Pollo was a thin crust pizza topped with cheese, spicy chicken and onions. The pizza was lovely, with a crispy base and a thick layer of cheese on top ! The chicken pieces were well cooked and adequately spicy. 

Risotto jambalaya was an excellent dish. The risotto had generous portions of prawns, sliced chicken and chicken sausages, all of which are my favourite. The risotto was extremely flavourful. I wish I wasn’t full by that time, else I would have had more of it 😛

Overall, the Drunken Monkey‘s Hawaiian Fest is something you can’t afford to miss. The cocktails and food here are something to die for ! I’m already a fan of the LIITs. So wait no more and visit this place ASAP !

 The Drunken Monkey - Hotel O2 VIP Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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