Coastal dining at ‘The Coastal Macha’ !

​In Kolkata, whenever we think of South Indian food, the first things that come to our mind are idly and dhosa. However, these are also the last things with which our limited idea ends. There are just one or two restaurants which have spread their wings and have tried to broaden the mindset of the people in Kolkata about South Indian cuisine. But the new restaurant near Southern Avenue did it in the most beautiful way. Yes, I’m talking about ‘The Coastal Macha‘. Their main cuisine is South Indian, with a major focus on the cuisine available along the coastal area, particularly seafood. This makes The Coastal Macha very much different from the existing ones in the city and thus is a must visit for foodies.

Panchphoron was invited over here for a food tasting session. Located near Southern Avenue, you are sure to notice this place as you pass by. A flight of stairs leads to the first floor, which houses the restaurant. The coloured paper boats on one side of the stairs look great. On entering, I noticed the ceiling stuffed with baskets. Some are studded with light bulbs while some are vacant. The overall ambience goes perfectly with their coastal cuisine. A layer of sand and snails occupies a lower layer of the glass table, which creates an interesting visual appeal.

The owners, Sabrina and Piyush were an amazing host for the evening. They had curated a special menu for our tasting. It was very wisely chosen and we all loved everything in the menu to the core. Let’s get into details.

Welcome Drink :
Sol kadhi 

This drink was made of kokum concentrate, coconut milk and spices. Don’t expect this to taste like a mocktail. It was dense, spicy and tasted great. Infact if you are into trying something authentic and different, then this is what you must order. The richness of coconut milk and the use of South Indian spices did create magic. 

Starters :

Rava fish fry 

Sliced bhetki fillets were marinated with semolina and then deep fried. The crispness of the covering and the softness of the fish was an amazing combination. The semolina imparted a grainy texture, which was quite nice. A special mention goes to the sweet chilli dip with it. 

Prawns Pollichattu

This is a dish from Kerala. Juicy prawns were tossed with onion, ginger garlic and kerala spices. These were further wrapped in banana leaf and pan fried. The prawns were delicate and the spices were in proportion. I completely fell in love with spicy marination with which the prawns were cooked.

Mutton pepper fry

This is another beauty from the land of Kerela. Cubes of mutton were pan tossed with pepper. They were finally topped with coriander leaves and sliced chillies. The mutton pieces could have been a little more on the softer side but the amazing flavour and the use of spices, compensated it. What I liked was that the spicy marination in each dish was very much different, and not similar like most other restaurants. 

Main course :


Two pieces of appam were served in a black bowl. The appam was soft and well made.

Jeera rice

The rice was well cooked and flavourful. 

Veg ishtu 

Being a hardcore non-vegetarian, I’m generally used to treat veg dishes with neglect. But this one was a checkmate ! Mixed vegetables were simmered in whole spices and coconut milk. This was superb and we the dish came out almost clean, after we were done with our servings. This is something you can’t afford to miss out here.

Squid sukka 

Boiled squid was cooked with grated coconut and spices. If you like Malai curry, you are sure to like this since both taste somewhat same. However, I’d prefer batter fried squid instead of the boiled one, as in the former the crunchiness of the coating would be playing a much important role in enhancing the flavour of the squid.

Chicken Ghee Roast

This is a Mangalorean dish and they claim it to be their speciality. Chicken is cooked with special chillis from Karnataka and roasted with pure ghee. The chicken was absolutely spicy and delicious. We all were so lost in its flavour that by the time we finished this dish, the only sound that was audible was the spoons hitting our plates 😀

Why Coastal Macha ?

• They have a lot to offer on Coastal cuisine, which is very rare in Kolkata.

• Every dish is cooked in the authentic way and isn’t modified to suit the local palette. 

• The spices required in most of the dishes are mostly brought from Bangalore, without using any alternatives so as to maintain proper authenticity.

• The spices used in marination and cooking of each dish makes them taste so distinctively different and that’s what I loved about them.

• The amazing food, cozy ambience, hospitable owners and everything else would definitely make you come back again and again to savour the amazing delicacies right here.

 The Coastal Macha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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