Cake Mixing at Afraa Deli !

​Christmas is going to arrive in just one more month and many restaurants have started their cake mixing events. Panchphoron was invited to attend the cake mixing at Afraa Deli, Salt Lake. This was the first cake mixing event which I attended and it was indeed a memorable one. 

What is cake mixing ?

Dry fruits and nuts are soaked into wine and honey along with spices. This process is celebrated as a mega event, and is thereby termed as cake mixing. This event is performed around 1-1.5 months prior to Christmas so that the fruits and nuts get completely soaked in the wine and are well fermented before Christmas. These ingredients are then used to prepare cakes which become an integral part of the restaurant’s Christmas celebrations. 

The details of the event.

As I reached an hour prior to the cake mixing, I noticed a stage sort of setup was created in front of the space outside Afraa Deli. The colours of green and white were used to decorate the entire place. The staff was busy with decorating the table with dry fruits and nuts, creating some beautiful designs on the table. 

The mixing table was well stuffed with cashews, almonds, raisins, cherries, etc. Bottles of wine and juice were kept along the edges of the table. A face of Santa was beautifully carved on one end using the fruits and nuts. 
As the time got closer for the event to begin, various food bloggers, magazine representatives, press reporters, etc started gathering. The special guests of the day were the team of ‘Kolkatay Columbus‘. 

The mixing process.

The event finally began. We were given black aprons, caps and gloves. On the table decorated with fruits and nuts, we were instructed to pour the wine at first, followed by the juices. Next step was add a pinch of the spices laid in the centre of the table. Finally it was time to mix everything in any way we wanted. Turning the fruits upside down was an amazing experience.

After the event, we did click some snaps with the guests and the team of Afraa, followed by some amazing snacks which were served to us. The signature cold coffee, the pizza, fish and chips and the chicken cutlet were my favourite for that evening. 

Overall, I had a memorable experience at the cake mixing event. The hamper which i received from Afraa Deli included cupcakes and savouries, all of which I loved. Looking forward to some more enjoyable days at Afraa 🙂


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