Meal delivered from Singh n Ching !

​Home delivery services are quite trending these days. And why not? Infact who wouldn’t prefer to sit in the comfort of their homes and enjoy the delicious food being delivered at their doorsteps, without the headache of traveling to the restaurant and having it ! But with such a huge advantage there comes numerous disadvantages with these delivery services like long delivery time, the food turning cold on reaching, less variety in the delivery menu, high delivery charges, inefficient packing and so on ! But in recent times, the most popular home delivery service, Singh n Ching, near Kalighat had caught my attention. There aren’t one or two, but there are several reasons why Singh n Ching has proved to be better than most of the home delivery units operating in the city, thereby surpassing all the shortcomings as mentioned earlier. Let’s get into the details on my experience with this place.

I was sent a meal from Singh n Ching for dinner by the owner, Rajat. What I assume to be the most important aspects of food delivery is the delivery time and the packaging of food, keeping aside it’s quality and taste. Singh n Ching did exceptionally perform in both the fields. The food was delivered very fast. It was piping hot when I received the packet. The packaging was very efficient. Each dish was placed inside plastic airtight containers with the restaurant logo on top and the name of the dish written in block letters. The containers were further wrapped with transparent plastic wrappers. So, they get a full point in all these aspects !

Now I’d move on to what all I received for my dinner.

Lemon Coriander Soup Chicken 

The soup wasn’t watery. Infact you can’t expect a better texture than this even at a proper dine-in restaurant. The quantity was quite nice. The portion of sliced chicken in it was appreciable. The amount of lemon was somehow quite in excess, which rendered the soup a little more sour than it was supposed to be. 

Di Jodi

Sounds quirky right? Yes, they have named maximum dishes in the menu in a very interesting way. This was chicken seekh kebab rolled into mutton kebab. The seekh kabab was perfectly done. This was very soft and almost melted in my mouth. A great start to a delicious meal that was to follow !! 


Breads aren’t my favourite unless it is a masala kulcha. However this garlic naan tasted excellent. It was so good that one can preferably have it without any side dish !


The chicken pieces were cooked in a tangy and spicy gravy. If you are bored with the similar tasting north indian gravies, give this a try ! The touch of capsicum completely gives this dish a new dimension. 

Trump Card 

There are restaurants which are known by a particular dish. Like we say the Chello Kabab at Peter Cat or the Fish Kabiraji at Mitra Cafe, I’m sure this place would be known by this particular dish. Trump Card, as they say it, is indeed a dish that has the potential to make the diner go into a different world and indulge into a gastronomical pleasure. The fish was tossed in a sauce flavoured with gondhoraj lemon along with bell peppers, chillis and onions. Being a bong and thus my personal preference for both fish and gondhoraj, I fell in love with its irresistibility! The basa fillet was fresh and well cooked, with a thin crispy covering that coated it. This is something you can’t miss ordering.

There were also seperate mini containers containing chopped salad, onions soaked in vinegar, achaar and coriander sauce. 

Singh n Ching?

There are innumerable reasons for you to visit Singh n Ching. Let’s get through a few of them :

• On-time delivery and the food is sure to reach you piping hot

• Efficient packaging

• Serves two of the most popular cuisines in Kolkata – North Indian and Chinese, with equal expertise in both.

• Great variety in the menu, which is similar to what you may be expect in a restaurant.

• Well designed menu card, with interesting names of each dish, proper details and the spicy dishes and chef specialities marked by relevant symbols.

• Delivers within a radius of 5km but they do extend their limits in case of bulk orders.

• Lastly, excellent food !!

: 124A, SP Mukherjee Road, Near Kalighat.

to order ?

• You can order from both Zomato and Swiggy. 

• You can also place your order via calling them on their provided numbers. 

Verdict : Must try !

 Singh N Ching Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


4 thoughts on “Meal delivered from Singh n Ching !

  1. Fascinating and beautiful food; I enjoy your blog. I wanted to tell you a story that happened last Saturday night about take-out food. I was invited to a friend’s house to have dinner and watch a movie. The hostess’ husband used his IPhone to place a pick-up order. Thirty-minutes later, the husband went to Paisano’s restaurant to pick up the order. They didn’t receive the order they said. Then his phone rang and it was Paisano’s saying that the order was ready. The husband was confused and he said, “I’m at Paisano’s right now and they have no order ready for me.” It turned out that he had used his IPhone and said, “Suri, call Paisano’s.” Suri (the computer robot) did call Paisano’s, only the computer robot called Paisano’s in New York City. We are in Illinois, which is 859 miles from New York City.

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  2. First of all…I must say that your business strategy is commendable! I was frantically searching for helpful reviews for the outlet I was next gonna order from, and out popped yours first. Impressed with that impeccable wordplay, I was devastated when it said I would have to read the whole review in your blog. And now I am hooked…all thanks to you, Mr Ghosh 😀
    And you have also managed to convince me to try out this new place in town…

    P.S- The owners will be mighty pleased with your work I’m sure 😉

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