Streets of India : Kolkata’s biggest Fashion & Food Festival !

​Streets of India ( SOI ), the most awaited event of the year, finally hits the city of joy. Since it’s announcement a few months back, this turned to be one of the most talked about events in the city. With the tag of ‘Kolkata’s biggest fashion and food festival’, this was much in the hype. Finally, it’s time. So, let’s go into details on what all this event had to offer.

Afternoon scenes.

The event was projected inside Swabhumi complex. As you all know, the area is huge. Many of the popular restaurants and fashion brands across the country had put up their stalls inside. Not only were present the big brands, the ones who operate their business on a small scale were also given an opportunity to showcase their talent. The overall arrangement was very wisely done. On entering, I first came across the fashion section which had on sale garments, jewellery, handicrafts, etc. Okay, so now it’s time to shift on what the food section had in store for the foodies ! πŸ˜€

Evening scenes.

Some of the very well known restaurants and food brands had their stalls right there. Few of the popular ones were Monkey Bar, My Big Fat Belly, Aura The Sonnet, Snack Street Cafe, NO Junktion, Mumble’s Lab, Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle Ice cream and a lot more ! These were all set with their specialities and bestsellers and that too at a decent pricing. There was almost everything that a foodie might expect – from biryanis to momos, from from burgers to brownies, from pizzas to ice cream and a lot more. The organisers need a huge round of applause for this amazing assortment of all sorts of cuisines !

Judging of the ice cream competetion by Rajdeep Bhattacherjee
Judging of the ice cream competetion by Rajdeep Bhattacherjee

The event began on 11th November and ended on the 13th of November. The first day was marked by two interesting competetions organised by Zomato. The first one was a mega Burger challenge in association with My Big Fat Belly. The Challenger was given a burger weighing 2.15 kg, which was to be finished in 10 minutes. Two people tried this out, but none of them were able to complete the challenge. The next challenge was in association with Mumble’s lab where participants needed to choose flavours for ice cream. The best one, with a mix of mint and chocolate, was selected by the judge, Rajdeep Bhattacherjee.

The winning team and the gifts by Zomato 😁

I visited SOI in the second day, 12th November. I participated in Zomato’s Food hunt contest and ultimately won it. πŸ˜€  The contest took place between two groups, each with four members. We were given a clue, each of which was related to a particular food stall. We arrived at the food stalls and were given to perform a certain challenge before moving on to the next clue. The challenges were like eating twelve brownies, finishing two chilli mojitos, guessing ingredients in a cream biscuit, getting likes in a picture on Zomato and narrating an overall menu card πŸ˜› The way we rushed from one stall to another in search of clues was indeed an interesting one and we all enjoyed it a lot. Finally, the feeling of being the winners was indeed a great one. The gift bag of goodies awarded by Zomato was amazing πŸ™‚

Among the food stalls out there, my favourites have been listed one by one. 

Mumbles lab has recently introduced dragon bread. The bread pieces were dipped in liquid nitrogen and instantly put into the mouth. The crispy bread created an amazing sensation in my mouth. The guava ice cream which I tried out here tasted great. 

Snack Street Cafe is one my favourite places for some snacks. Their stall had in store some amazing burgers and fries. I do missed my favourite wraps out there. They are shortly opening near Maniktala, with a three storeyed dine in restaurant and an extensive new menu !

NO Junktion had a lot to offer starting from my favourite mega Burger and wraps to their newest inclusions – the pasta skewers. The chicken Burger with a poached egg was great, a special mention goes to its huge size. The pasta skewers are one of its kind and I’m hopeful to try them out at their kiosk next to Priya Cinema. 

My Big Fat Belly is the newest sensation in town and this stall was one of the most crowded ones. I tried the chicken sausages which were amazingly cooked. The sauce, prepared in-house, definitely deserves a special mention. I’m yet to try out their famous Bong Burger.

Panchphoron in action πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

Overall, Streets of India turned out be much more fun-filled than I had ever expected. The most memorable thing was definitely the Zomato food hunt and our team being the winners. Each stall had amazing and great stuffs to offer. The long awaited event finally came to an end and it was surely worth the wait ! πŸ˜€


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