Launch Of ‘INOX Muchos’ !

INOX is not just about watching a movie. It gives us an overall experience. The popcorns available at the INOX counters, though costly, are definitely the best option to keep munching while the movie is in progress. However, you wont get these popcorns readily in the market, other than the movie counters. Thus, INOX Group, to expand themselves have launched a new wing in January 2016 – INOX FMCG Group. The INOX FMCG Group has further introduced a new brand ‘INOX Muchos‘. 

It was a surprise for me to receive a pre-Diwali hamper from Inox. I was pretty excited and as I unwrapped it, my excitement almost doubled when I found the all new flavours of Inox Muchos packed properly in it. Let’s get into the product details now. 

What are Muchos?

is a range of packaged snacks which includes ready to eat popcorns, nachos with dips and kettle cooked chips. Like the mother brand INOX, which is premium, modern and glamorous, this sub brand too leverages these key attributes. The tagline says ‘Movie in a Pack’ and hence each pack of Muchos has a story to convey via their flavours. 

The packaging is amazing. The colourful cover and unique design, using bright colours and large fonts are very much attractive. Even, the seal is done in a very premium manner. One look at the pack and you would definitely get to know that these aren’t one of the same local chips, nachos or popcorns !

Talking of the flavours, let’s go one by one !

Nachos :

The nachos include three variants. They are thinly cut and are extremely crunchy. The packet, unlike the most popular brand of chips, has a much greater proportion of nachos compared to air, which is praiseworthy. There’s a separate seal which encloses a pouch containing a cheesy dip flavoured with jalapenos. The dip is the most essential part of the entire packet. It’s amazingly prepared and is extremely yummy. It goes perfectly with the nachos. Each packet is priced at ₹55

The three different flavours are named Salsa Mexicana, Love Triangle and Night of the Piri Piri. Salsa Mexicana is a combination of tomato and bell peppers. It is tangy and somewhat spicy. Love Triangle is flavoured with cheese and jalapeno. This was my my favourite, much due to my personal preference for cheese. You are sure to be lost in its cheesy essence. The last one is flavoured with Piri Piri chilli, lemon and oregano. This is spicy and quite tasty.


The popcorns are light and crunchy. There’s something very irresistible about them due to which you just can’t stop munching. Each pack is priced at ₹50. These come in four variants –

chilli mustard shootout is  flavoured with tomato and tamarind powder, lemon, juice, mustard and turmeric, which overall imparts a subtle tanginess and spice. 

cheese vs Pepperman has the popcorns flavoured with cheddar cheese and black pepper. It’s an amazing combination and you’re sure to love it. 

Pineapple Green chilli affair is a well balanced combination of the sweetness of pineapple and the spice of green chilli. 

Toffee Won Caramel is definitely one of its kind. The popcorns are well caramelised, with balanced sweetness. This was my favourite among the lot. 

Overall, the nachos and the popcorns are a must try for all. The flavours are premium and exotic. ‘INOX Muchos‘ are sure to generate a huge demand in the market in the coming days. You can get these in any of the nearby supermarkets like Spencer’s, Big Bazaar, etc. I’m yet to try the kettle cooked chips, which I assume to be as good as the other products.


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