Food From the ‘Land of Punjab’ !

​You might come across several places in the city serving dhaba style food, but how many of them do actually put their prime focus in bringing out innovation and maintaining the essence of proper dhaba style food? Well, I have been to various dhabas across the city and what I’ve found mostly is the same style of cooking, wherein two dishes of the same genre bear an almost similar taste, which actually reflects reluctance from the side of the staff. I was almost frustrated with this when I came across Pind Punjabi Dhaba ! As the name says, the food where will taste authentic as if it is brought purely from the land of Punjab. My visit to this restaurant happened through an invitation from the owner, Pawan Jaiswal, for a food tasting session. Let’s get into details !

Pind Punjabi Dhaba is located on Bangur Avenue, on the lane adjacent to Reliance Fresh. You can reach here via both VIP road as well as Jessore road, where the former might give you a quicker access. I would appreciate the choice of location, since both Jessore and VIP roads are used in long drive purpose and people may fill up their stomach over here in the course of their journey! 

The ambience is quirky. Though the place is small, the way it’s designed is quite appreciable. The truck opposite to the main gate looks quite interesting and colourful. The ceiling has been decorated with one of the popular faces from Punjab. All in all, you are sure to like this place. 

We initially started with sweet lassi. It was chilled and refreshing. The rich and dense liquid indicated the presence of less water. The sweetness was in proper proportion. A full fledged Punjabi meal is quite incomplete without this !

Let’s talk of the food that came next !

Starters :

Veg Kabab Platter 

This included tandoori paneer tikka, hariyali paneer tikka, tandoori gobi, veg sheek kabab and stuffed alu tandoori. The Tandoori paneer was spicy and tasted good. The haryali paneer was soft and spongy. The coriander based marination was quite nice. Tandoori gobi tasted good, but could have been better, compared to the other components in the platter. The seekh kabab was soft and melted in my mouth. It was excellent. The stuffed potato was nice. The potato was well boiled and the stuffing was brilliant !

Chicken Kabab Platter  

This included tandoori chiken tikka, chiken hariyali tikka, chiken malai tikka, chiken tandoori and chicken Sheek kabab. You’d definitely fall in love with the entire platter. Each component was excellent and it’s almost difficult to judge which one was better than the other. However my favourite was the chicken Tandoori and once again the seekh kabab !

If you are with a group, the platters are perhaps the best option you have. Each platter comes with five different variants of kabab, with four pieces of each variant. So, you have 20 pieces of kababs in each platter which is more than enough to satiate large groups ! 

Main course :

Paneer Pasanda

Take your time to admire the beauty ! This looks more beautiful than you can ever think of. Cubical paneer slices are used to sandwich a layer of spicy potato stuffing. Cooked in a rich, creamy gravy, this tasted amazing. 

Veg Handi

As I mentioned in the beginning that this place isn’t the same one of the dhabas that serve monotonous taste in food of similar genre. They actually nailed it. The veg Handi which is more popular as mix veg or navratna curry, gets a new form. The veggies are cooked in a sweet and spicy tomato based gravy. It tasted so different from the mix veg thing, yet was delicious !

Methi Matar Malai

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover ! This saying was actually proved by this particular dish. Though it looked very simple but it actually stole the show and turned out to be the hero of the entire meal. The sweet and creamy gravy was something to die for ! The flavour of methi was prominent. I seriously couldnt understand how this veg dish actually suppressed the chicken dish that was served ! I’m still drooling over its flavour ! This is something each and everyone visiting this restaurant must must have. 

Murgh Bhuna Masala

Chicken was cooked in a spicy flavourful gravy. A beautifully crafted egg was placed on top, where a portion of the skin was peeled off, leaving behind a flower design on the other half. The gravy was excellent but I the chicken could have been a little more soft.

Matar Pulao

The peas pulao was light and fragrant. The quantity was appreciable. The subtle flavour of the fine rice, was quite nice. It went very well with the sides.

Punjabi Tadka

This was quite nice. The Tadka was perfectly done and tasted great. 

We were also served a portion of breads which included Amritsari kulcha, butter naan, masala kulcha, garlic naan and butter roti. All of these were excellent but my favourites were definitely the Amritsari kulcha and the garlic naan. 

Why Pind Punjabi Dhaba ?

• Excellent location. Easily accessible from both VIP and Jessore roads, both of which connects Kolkata to it’s outskirts. So one can easily halt for a short meal.

• Brilliant and innovative food. Dishes of the same genre taste distinctly different. 

• The new menu is vast and you are definitely going to have a tough time to choose from amongst the diverse options.

Overall Verdict : Visit ASAP ! 😀

 Pind Punjabi Dhaba Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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