A Tram Ride with Food & Fun !

​Themed restaurants are very popular in the city these days. They not just offer good food, but also give us a one time experience. Amongst the various themed restaurants in Kolkata, my newest favourite is the one, which has brought up the heritage of Kolkata very skilfully in its theme. Well, the place is none other than ‘Tram Deepo‘.

I was invited by Mahesh Singhania, the owner, for a bloggers meet at Tram Deepo. The location, very close to Quest Mall, is quite a prominent one. As I steeped in, I was startled by the amazing decor. The logo of the restaurant is well designed. The dining area is divided into separate rooms. There’s a section where you can sit inside the tram compartments and enjoy the food and music !  That’s the best thing about the place. Also there’s a private dining area where you can host meetings and conferences. We decided to sit in the private dining area. It is quite big and there’s a large screen which displays scenes from old Kolkata, trams, buses, etc. All in all, you would surely fall in love with this place. 

Let’s come to the point of what was served to us !

Mocktails :

Slow and steady 

The presentation was excellent! You’d definitely drool over it. The pulp of the pineapple is peeled out and within the shell, is placed the juice, topped with pineapple slices, arranged in the form of a ring and skewers. The slightly tangy drink was nice. Since a tram goes slow and steady, so this being their signature dish, also tastes better with time. This definitely deserves a try !

Spice Cranberry 

This one was quite spicy. The sweetness of cranberry is masked off by the spicy chilli/chaat masala !

Oreo shake


Both of these happen to be favourite and I always happen to fall in love with them. These were rich, creamy and full of flavour. 

Watermelon Mojito 

The flavour of watermelon is one of the most refreshing ones. So, was this drink – perfectly sweet, light, chilled, fizzy and refreshing. 

Food :

Vegetarian course :

Irani paneer 

The dish was presented in a small black spade instead of a plate, which looked quite quirky. The paneer was well marinated with spices and chopped capsicum, and served along with fresh salad and coriander sauce. The paneer was soft and spongy. It tasted great. 

Chilli garlic potato 

This was amazing and my favourite among the vegetarian fare. The potatoes were well boiled and stuffed with a spicy filling. This was indeed great !

Basil pesto pasta

The pasta was well done. A special mention to the pesto sauce that was excellent ! The flavours were on spot.

Indian veg platter 

This included hara tawa kebab, paneer 65, mix veg naan and salad. The tawa kababs were soft and tasted good, with a piece of cashewnut in the centre. Paneer 65 was quite sweet and was wisely chosen with the spicy mix veg, which tasted amazing !

Continental veg platter

This included mexican potato skins ,veg qusidilla, harissa cottage cheese and garlic bread. I loved the potato skins. They were stuffed with a super spicy filling that would definitely make your taste buds dance ! The veg quisdalla was quite nice, with the bread being crispy and a tasty stuffing. The cottage cheese was good too. 

Nonvegetarian course :

Thai chicken skewers 

The chicken pieces were well grilled. A special mention goes the sweet dip that was served with it. 

Sholey kabab 

This was quite innovative. The chicken kababs were rolled in an omelette, tied with a toothpick. The kabab tasted great. It was soft, juicy and succulent. The omlet wrap made it all the more amazing !

Jalapeño vodka chicken 

The combination of chicken and vodka is always an interesting one. The chicken was well cooked and tasted great.

Red Thai curry

The curry was excellent. It was perfectly sweet, with balanced flavours. The chicken pieces were large and juicy. The sticky rice was brilliantly prepared but its proportion was less compared to the curry.

Tram Deepo signature platter 

This included malai tikka, chicken sheek, bhuna ghost, naan and salad. The malai tikka was somewhat dry but tasted good. The seekh kabab was excellent. The bhuna ghost was beautifully done. All in all, the platter was a mix of delightful flavours.

Oriental non veg platter

 This included chilli chicken, chicken popcorn and salt and pepper chicken. This platter came and we finished it in seconds. Every component was amazing. The popcorns were perfectly crispy. The chilli chicken was spicy and tasted great. The pepper chicken was equally good. This one’s something you can stop falling in love with.

Desserts :

Chocolate brownie with ice cream

Hardly anything can go wrong with this ! The brownie was nice, topped with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was presented in a martini glass, which made it look all the more awesome.

Caramel custard

The custard was good in texture and taste. The caramel sauce was perfectly sweet. 


The pannacotta looked excellent. It’s texture was smooth and spongy. The sweet beery sauce on it was brilliant.

Why Tram Deepo ?

• Quirky ambience.

• Lip-smacking food.

• Live music and dance.

• Private dining area for groups. 

Overall Verdict : Must Visit.

 Tram Deepo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


2 thoughts on “A Tram Ride with Food & Fun !

  1. Pardon me for drooling…that is the most appealing selection of food, I’ve ever seen. And even more so because I’ve never had the delight of tasting cuisine from your nation. The art of arrangement is exquisite.
    Illinois, USA

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