Bloggers Meet at Spice Ocean !

Spice Ocean can be rightfully titled as one of the best pure veg multicuisine restaurants in Salt Lake. In just 5 months, this place has achieved a lot. Located conveniently near salt lake swimming pool, Spice Ocean stands with class and elegance. The food here is actually one of the best, compared to the vicinity. Let’s go into details.

The entrance is beautifully designed. The look and the positive vibes that you get, will definitely keep you dazzled and your reaction would follow till you discover the amazing interiors. The place is grand and huge. It’s definitely a fine dining restaurant and certainly a heaven for vegetarians! The owner, Mridul Agarwal, did make us taste some of the specialities from the menu.

Let’s have a look into the food that was served to us 

Mocktails :

Virgin mojito

This was well done and was quite refreshing.

Orange mojito

This was my favourite from the entire lot of mocktails that was served. The drink was perfectly sweet. The flavour of orange was so well adjusted that I was unable to stop myself from falling in love with it.

Cold Coffee

The cold Coffee, though a very common mocktail, was well prepared. The flavour of coffee was strong enough and it was quiet refreshing.

Oreo Shake

I have quite much of a personal preference for this. So the Oreo shake didn’t fail to impress me as well. 

Soups :

Cream of Mushroom soup

The list of amazing soups started with this ! It was creamy and loaded with generous portions of minced mushrooms. You’re sure to love this !

Machow Soup

This was my favourite among the soups, much due to my personal preference for Chinese. The soup was loaded with chopped veggies and topped with crispy noodles. All in all, it was an amazing thing !

Lemon Coriander Soup

The tinge of lemon in the spicy soup, worked like magic and it tasted wonderful !

Starters :

Golden mushrooms

Don’t confuse these to be cheese balls ! The balls were stuffed with mushrooms and tasted amazing. A special mention goes to the mayo dip.

Crispy Chilli Babycorn

Nothing can go wrong with this. And as usual, this turned out to be great !

Dahi ke kebab

The curd was delicately stuffed within mashed veggies, which made it quite amazing !

Afghani Cheese Malai Paneer Tikka

This one was excellent ! The paneer was soft and thumbs up to the sweet coconut chutney that was poured over it.

Nargisi Tandoori Aloo

The potatoes were well boiled and stuffed with mashed veggies. The mash was spicy and tasted great overall !

Crispy Spinach with cream yogurt

The idea of using spinach like a Papri Chaat is indeed appreciable and they carried out the thing quite successfully. The tanginess of the curd and the sweetness of the sauce complemented each other quite well. 

Barbq Cheese Shaslik

The cottage cheese skewers were spiced well. They were grilled perfectly !

Mains :

Potato rosti in Mushroom sauce with herbs rice

The potato rosti was well cooked and went well with the herb rice. It came with a fried potato, circular cut burnt capsicums, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, babycorn, etc. All in all, this was a complete meal by itself. 

Double Cream cheese Risotto

The risotto was creamy and tasted good.

Pasta in white sauce

Don’t expect only the pasta in Alfredo sauce to reach your table. This is a complete platter by itself. Alongside the amazing pasta, there comes mashed potato, veggies ( broccoli, babycorn, mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and potatoes) and bread ! 

Veg Au Gratine

This was very delicious. It was loaded with juicy veggies which were a blast of flavours in the mouth. This definitely deserves a try !

Chilli Garlic Noodles

The noodles were excellent. The spice level was in proportion. I actually didn’t expect the Oriental to be as good as this. .

Red Thai Curry

Once again, the thai curry was full of flavours. It was generously loaded with several ingredients and tasted divine with the rice. 

Dal Maharani

This was well done. The dal was thick and creamy.

Paneer Pasanda 

The paneer was well prepared. The stuffing was excellent as was the amazing gravy in which it was cooked. 

Navratan Korma

The juicy veggies were well cooked in a sweet gravy. This can definitely be ordered alongside a spicy side dish. 

Dum Veg biryani with raita

The idea of having a veg biryani never struck a hardcore non vegetarian like me. But I was quite delighted with the veg version. Definitely deserves a try !

We were also served with breads like Pudina paratha, Kashmiri nan and masala kulcha, all of which were amazing.

Desserts :

Sizzling brownie

A brownie on a sizzler plate, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream defines heaven. The one here was excellent and definitely deserves a try.

Rosemary apple pie

The striking feature about this is the colourful presentation. The breads form layers above which are placed chopped and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, garnushed with chocolate sauce. This was quite yummy and innovative. Loved it. 

Why Spice Ocean ?

• Excellent ambience with huge seating space. So you don’t need to wait in a queue.

• Posh location.

• Excellent food, much better than those in the vicinity.

• Large, detailed menu which includes dishes from North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Thai cuisines.

• There’s a separate private dining room for meetings and social functions, which can accomodate 40 guests at a time !

Overall Verdict : Must Visit !

 Spice Ocean Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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