Bloggers Meet at Mamagoto !

​Mamagoto is one of the pioneers of Pan Asian food in India. The term ‘Mamagoto‘ literally means ‘To play with food’, as is evident from their tagline which says ‘Fun Asian eating’. It is on the ocassion of their sixth anniversary year that Mamagoto makes its official launch in Kolkata, thus gifting the city of joy with some fun Asian eating experience. Located in the food hub of the city, Park Street, Mamagoto has already emerged to be one of the most popular restaurants in the city. So I was much delighted on getting an invitation for the bloggers meet, organised at Mamagoto by Communications 2.0

The restaurant is well divided into two floors, both having a quirky decor. The ground floor is quite small and is designed basically to host a group. The first floor is colourful, vibrant and well designed with various graphics that goes with the theme. The overall space has been well utilised and the seats by the large glass windows gives a great view of the traffic on Park Street. 

The menu includes dishes mostly from China, Thailand and Japan ( including some popular cuisines from Indonesia, Burma and Malaysia ). The menu is well divided into small bites, large bowls, the Japanese Robata Grill, Wok and curries and desserts. Each section includes an addictive range of dishes. Also, they are yet to achieve the liquor license and hence aren’t serving alcohol at this moment. Let’s come to the food that was served at the bloggers meet. 

Mocktails :

Kiwi and mint cooler – This was chilled, fizzy and refreshing. The flavours were light and it was perfectly sweet.

Lemon zest lemonade – This was dense and had a fine kick of lime. 

Cranberry and Kaffir lime – This however, turned out to be too sweet.

Starters :

Crispy lotus stem 

The lotus stem was chopped into fine slices and fried to crispness. These were further tossed in burnt garlic and dry chillies. The stem slices were perfectly crispy and I quite loved munching them. 

Hua hin highway rolls

This was served in a small basket containing sliced out pieces from the original roll. The stuffing was of cheese, lemongrass and crispy asparagus. 

Rock shrimp tempura

This was my favorite among the whole range of starters, the sole reason being my passionate love for shrimps. The coating was perfectly crispy while the shrimp inside was amazingly juicy and succulent. The chilli mayo sauce too, played a major role, by imparting an irresistible flavour to the shrimps.  

Hot basil chicken cups

Minced chicken was placed on a a piece of lettuce. The arrangement was so that the lettuce was like a cup carrying the minced chicken within. The lettuce was fresh, juicy and crispy. The cup as a whole imparts a blast of flavours in the mouth. Don’t forget to pour the super spicy chilli sauce in it before placing the so called cup in your mouth.

Cheese and truffle oil dumplings

The dumplings were green ! They were stuffed with cheese and minced veggies.

Chicken gyoza

These were similar to the pot stickers in terms of appearance. The minced chicken stuffing in them was appropriate and tasted good. However, some kind of spicy sauce with the gyoza was much needed !

Java grilled tofu

The tofu was marinated with an Indonesian sambal, wrapped in a banana wrap and then grilled. It was served with sticky rice. 

Java grilled fish

The fish fillets were treated similarly as stated above. The fish was well cooked, spicy and juicy. It went perfectly with the sticky rice.

Salads :

Snow peas and green bean salad

The green beans were tossed with burnt garlic and onion, along with peanuts. The green beans were juicy while the nuts provided the much needed crunch !

Thai chicken and water chestnut salad

The salad was loaded with sliced chicken, water chestnut, chilli strips, Kaffir lime, lemongrass and coconut. This however turned out to be one of the best Thai salads I’ve tasted till date. The water chestnut was amazingly juicy and crunchy. The spices and sourness were well adjusted. All in all, this is something that’s surely gonna make your mood and refresh your mind !

Mains :

Stir fried pok choy with water chestnut

The pok choy was juicy and well cooked. The water chestnut was also nicely done. The dish was topped with cashewnuts, which provided the crunch !

Chicken Masaman curry

The masaman curry, which is actually of Persian origin, tasted quite authentuc. The curry is generally prepared with coconut milk, fish sauce, sliced potatoes, sliced chicken, chopped onions, tamarind juice, Kaffir lime, etc. It was delicious and went well with the sticky rice. 

Chiang Mai Train station chicken noodles

The noodles were served in khao suey style. The bowl was filled with a coconut based gravy containing noodles and minced chicken, and topped with peanuts. This is a must try over here!

Steamed fish in green chilly sauce

The steamed fish fillets were coated with a green chilly and garlic sauce. The fillets were topped with chopped lettuce and burnt onions. The fish tasted amazing and the sauce was hot and spicy !

Prawn there pepper bomb

This is something I actually fell in love with. The prawns were amazingly juicy and succulent. The prawns were wok tossed with green, white and schezwan peppercorns, finished with chinese wine and sesame oil. It was served hot before us and I simply can’t explain the amazing superb flavour which the juicy prawn imparted in my mouth. 

London China Town chicken 

Sliced chicken was tossed with crunchy green beans in a light ginger flavoured sauce. The chicken was soft and the gravy was delicious. 

Pad thai chicken 

The thai flat noodles were stir fried with minced chicken, chopped onions and garlic, etc. It was garnished with roasted peanuts. 

Desserts :

Mishti doi Cheesecake 

This definitely seems like a new inclusion in their menu with the launch in Kolkata, since bongs are crazy for sweet curd and so am I. The thick layer of curd as the topping of the cake was amazing. I couldn’t stop myself from devouring it.

Caramel sponge cake with toffee sauce

The cake was good in texture. It was quite spongy and came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce. The sauce was well prepared with balanced sweetness. 

What was good ?

The FOOD ! From the starters and salads to the mains and the desserts, every dish turned out to be excellent. Also, the service was fast on a busy day, when the entire restaurant was full. 

What went wrong ?

As for the bloggers meet, the space that was reserved seemed insufficient in some way. As a result, there was a little space crunch. Also, the mocktails need to be worked upon. 

Overall Verdict : Must Visit !

 Mamagoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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